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Witness: Robin Crosbie
Location: Spooner, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: Around 1981

I was roughly 4 1/2 at the time, and had a new baby brother who now shared a room with me. Being that young, I was terrified of thunderstorms, and on this particular night I had crawled into bed with my parents, whose bedroom was just across the hall. I was on the edge of the bed nearest the door and could see my brother's crib through the door when I woke up later that night. To my confusion, I saw someone standing over the crib and reaching in. It was an older man, though hard to say for sure exactly what age range. He was mostly bald, tall and thin, with a cane and wire rimmed glasses. Thing was, I could see through him. He looked like a line drawing, made up of 3 lines, each line being a different color. If memory serves correctly, they were red, green, and blue. I didn't feel scared to see him, just curious. And I didn't feel like he meant any harm. I did wake my mother, who told me I was dreaming and to go back to sleep. Of course, being that young and trusting, I did as my mom told me and rolled over and ignored it. I never saw the same entity again, but I've never forgotten the encounter.

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