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46 minutes
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Show description: In this episode, the Paranormal Posse gather at the Ghostvillage Compound to bid their goodbyes to Chris Balzano of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads. Mr. Pukwudgie is moving to Florida. His fellow investigators reveal tales of his their most interesting investigations with Chris and say goodbye to one of New England’s most tenacious paranormal researchers. (Please be warned — alcohol was involved.)

Playing the parts of his friends were:

Jeff Belanger – Cook and CEO of (
Megan Belanger – The real power behind
Sophie Belanger – as herself
Matt Moinz – Spooky Southcoast (
Author/Investigator Tom and Arlene D’Agostino (
Author Dan Gordon – (
Mike Markowicz – East Bridgewater’s Most Haunted
Andrew Lake – Greenville Paranormal Research (

Chris Balzano explores the unexplained.

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