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The Reiki Touch by William Lee RandThe Reiki Touch
By William Lee Rand
Publisher: Sounds True (December 2005)
Pages: 100, plus DVD and CD – Price: $39.95 review

Over the years, many people have suggested to me that an individual trained in the healing power of Reiki will also increase his or her paranormal abilities over a period of time. So, I set out to investigate such things and came across this complete, well-respected system from internationally-known Reiki master, William Lee Rand.

This system is titled The Reiki Touch. This complete home learning systems contains its own 100-page book that serves as the workbook and 30 illustrated cards. In addition, there is a DVD video featuring explanations by William Lee Rand, an audio of CD meditations, and an exceptionally enjoyable music CD. The system is designed for those students of Reiki who have already taken a Reiki class or who have had a Reiki attunement by a Reiki teacher. Following the chapters on spiritual protection, Reiki and world peace, and Reiki and the spiritual life, there is a clearly written, concise section of great interest and help about how to use the Reiki Touch.

Chapter three is about the human energy field and answers many questions about this fascinating topic of world interest. Since the paranormal does deal with energies, this was interesting reading about human energy! The origin of Reiki is given in chapter five and the Reiki symbols are defined in chapter nine. Chapter twelve is about Reiki and spirit release.

There is literally a hands-on instruction for actual hand positions, scanning techniques, and an intriguing advanced us of Reiki to see auras and past lives which works! There is instruction for inviting a spiritual guide. There is much information on strengthening Reiki energy and deepening the actual healing experiences.

The divination tool is explained in the 30 illustrated Reiki cards. These special cards can be applied and used with specific healing conditions.

Much information is given on establishing spiritual protection and developing other skills. The music CD contains 79 minutes of music suited to treatments.

What is helpful about this system is it accomplishes healing on different levels, and it is taught by one of the world’s great Reiki teachers. William Lee Rand is founder and President of The International Center for Reiki Training, and he is editor of the Reiki News Magazine.

For something out of the ordinary, and something which makes for enjoyable learning with the use of the hands as instruments of touch, this system will find many readers. This system is up to date, well-constructed, and is definitely worth the price. This is one of the finest Reiki systems currently available to the public.

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