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Witness: Julie Keller and Dave Mackie Location: Chesterland Cemetery, Chesterland, Ohio Date of Encounter: August, 2004 Click on picture for larger view in pop-up window.
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Witness: Rico Location: Region 1, the Philippines Date of Encounter: November 20, 2004 I come from a family of clairvoyants and emotional...
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Witness: D. Collins Location: Irwin, Pennsylvania Date of Encounter: Summer 1977 I was in college at the time, sitting up late one...
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Witness: Greg Burchfield Location: Hotel Meade, Bannack, Montana Date of Encounter: February, 2005 Click on image to hear the EVP (requires sound) - 490 KB.
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Witness: Chris Location: Bridgend, Wales, UK Date of Encounter: September, 1996 - 2000 In September of 1996, we moved into what is...
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Witness: Thesameones Location: Escanaba, Michigan Date of Encounter: February 10, 2005 Click on image to see video - 367 KB.
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Witness: Carole Newman Location: Barboursville, West Virginia Date of Encounter: December 2002 My very special father got sick around Christmas, 2002. The...
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Witness: Shawn Location: Sheridan, Michigan Date of Encounter: December 23, 2004 I was in bed getting ready to go to sleep and...
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Witness: David Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Date of Encounter: September 5, 2000 It was early September 2000, and I was on a solo...
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Witness: Raimike Location: Milton, Florida Date of Encounter: February 17, 2005 8:30 PM. Click on picture for larger view in pop-up window.