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Witness: Thesameones
Location: Escanaba, Michigan
Date of Encounter: February 10, 2005

Click on image to see video – 367 KB.
Ghost Video

The House Of Ludington is a historic, haunted, hotel. We stay there often, and from what I have captured on magnetic media and felt there, it is a paranormal hot spot.

The owners, Edward and Suzell Eisenberger, are fantastic people. They are very willing to discuss the paranormal activity at the hotel, and welcome paranormal researchers and hobbiest. For any one wanting to visit the House Of Ludington I would recommend a two-night stay. The place is massive! It would take that long to cover all of it. Their (beautifully decorated) rooms start at $55.00. They let you tour the accommodations and choose your room before checking in. Edward is more than happy to indicate all of the "hot" spots where others have gotten some very interesting captures. 

This particular clip was shot on February 10, 2005 in a passage between the original basement wall and a wall of a newer structure added to the basement. It was shot with a Panasonic PV-GS15 DVC camcorder. The entire footage was downloaded to Windows Movie Maker, then, with the portion of the video shot in this basement area, I took consecutive still shots of the video to create this clip. It is possible that a few seconds of the clip were omitted in doing it this way. At a later time, I intend to make a mini clip of the actual video tape. 

The camcorder was set to blacklight (night recording mode). I had set the camera myself, so I know the setting. The video camera was then handed to another member of our group to proceed through the tunnel. I had only gone several feet into the tunnel, as we had forgotten to bring our flashlights down, and the camera omitted little light, as well, the area is narrow. The basement is finished, so it is heated and dry. The building is heated with a boiler. In this section of the basement are a male and female old time beauty salon, laundry, tanning room, and many antique and vintage surprises throughout, as well as this envelope wall. There are three basements that support this structure. I have been in only one of them. My husband has been in two.

Our gathering of data is informal. We don't use a lot of procedure or back up practices. The reason for this is because I capture when I am relaxed, enjoying the company of family and friends, just hanging out. If I concentrate on other documentation, with distraction of procedures, and actively pursue, I don't get the best captures. It's when I am relaxed and open that they appear in my media, so this is the way we do this, very informal.

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