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Witness: Jess
Location: Wakefield, England
Date of Encounter: 2004

When we moved into our house, we were told it was haunted, but I never really believed in things like that so I wasn't spooked by it or anything.

A few weeks after we had moved in, some of my things started to go missing and then days later I would find them in strange places. Even after this happening I didn't really think much of it, I just assumed it was my younger brother messing about or something. But one night, when I was watching TV, I suddenly felt a cold chill and the TV went fuzzy. I felt a sharp pain in my foot like someone with high heels on had walked over my foot, but I hadn't done anything to my foot, and there was no one else in the room apart from me.

I didn't experience anything else until a few days later when I was going up to bed. At about 11:00, I saw the figure of an old woman wearing an old fashioned dress with black stilettos on, and a hat. She was very faint and had a sort of faded white glow around her. She just sat there looking at me. She didn't look angry, but I was excited, and at the same time terrified. I shouted for my mum. She came, but when I told her there was a woman on my bed, she couldn't see her. I was unable to sleep that night because all I could think about was the woman and was she watching me now? And why was I the only one who could see her?

The next morning my mum decided to give her friend a call who knew an exorcist. She asked him if he could come because I was really frightened and it was affecting my sleep and school work.

He came the next afternoon and he asked me questions on what I had seen and experienced. I was also asked questions like, have I taken drugs.

He then looked around our house and after a while he told us he had contacted the spirit. He said that I had been visited by the spirit of Mrs. Rodgers who used to live in our house, but had died of old age. He told me that she did not want to harm me or frighten me. I asked him why I was the only one who could see Mrs. Rodgers and I was told that it is common for teenage girls to have spiritual visions because they are at a time of emotional change.

I was given the choice to be "shut down," which means that I wouldn't receive any further contact from the spirit world.

I thought about it and I decided not to because I feel kind of special to be able to be in contact with spirits.

I can tell when Mrs. Rodgers is around because the air goes cold and the TV or radio breaks up. I am not frightened anymore, though, because I know she does not want to hurt anyone. I feel kind of safe to know that I have someone there watching over me. 

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