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Witness: Rico
Location: Region 1, the Philippines
Date of Encounter: November 20, 2004

I come from a family of clairvoyants and emotional telepaths who are somewhat in-tuned to the spiritual world because of our mixed beliefs. Our abilities are somewhat inborn into the family genetics and some abilities were inherited from our ancestors who would often communicate with the spirit world. Plus on the land we live on dwells the spirits who share their home with us.

My relatives have shared numerous encounters with the other side with me, such as the story my uncle told me: Way back in the 70s when our neighborhood wasn't very occupied and only a few houses were around, my aunt (one of the sisters of my mom) was left alone in our spooky, dark, and silent house. She was left playing in one of our livingrooms where a lot of spiritual activity happens. Suddenly she could hear footsteps coming from the ceiling; hard and loud footsteps that seemed to linger right above where she was playing at. Chills crept up her spine and she began to move away, but the footsteps and banging just kept following her wherever she went. Even when she was running and screaming the steps ran and followed after her until she finally ran outside to daylight. This story has been validated by my other aunts and uncles.

I have tons more stories, some chilling, some scary and others just plain creepy.

But let me share my own experience. Since my grandfather is a WWII veteran, he's seen and experienced a lot more than most other people. The whole family believes this spirit protected him through the war, since one of his experiences was running back and forth along the frontline in an intense gunfight between Filipino and Japanese troops — he was commanding his troops back then.

In any case, fast-forward to the year 2004, my whole family was relaxing in our resthouse about 40 miles north of this city. The land the house is standing on is cursed — all those who have owned, have gone bankrupt. I believe this is true since my grandfather is losing a lot of money to an evil and possibly possessed eldest daughter. My experience happened while falling asleep in his room. Strangely enough, I felt an intense presence within the room but I didn't feel scared or creeped out, which is something I am prone to feel. The presence just felt 'safe' but it sure was there, as I could feel it enveloping me.

I was half-asleep then, and simply fell back into my deep slumber a minute later. I later narrated my experience to my grandfather and he simply smiled and said, "Yes, it's true."

I wasn't born with the ability to 'see' ghosts, unlike most of my maternal family, but I do know when they want to be felt. And I can somewhat read other people's minds and form somewhat of an subconscious link with them while talking or engaging in casual conversation.

Another story involves the death of one of our longtime nannies, and a spot she loved to sit on during the afternoons. She died of an embolism close to a year ago. On of our maids told us that on the night of her funeral, our maid was cleaning the plates up all alone in the house (our whole family was in our resthouse where the funeral was held) when all of a sudden the dogs started barking rather wildly. She looked out the kitchen window toward the porch where the dogs were barking and could see them looking up at an invisible figure while howling and barking all at the same time. The porch was where our nanny used to sit during the afternoons before she died. The invisible figure soon, retreated back into the house, as if retiring for the night.

Take note, this all happened at the night of our nanny's funeral. Probably visiting one last time before passing on to the other side? 

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