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Ghost Hunter reports on the supernatural and bizarre.

In 2003 a Baltimore resident named Vince Wilson started a video web-cast called Paranormal Weekly. He claims inspiration from a syndicated documentary series hosted by a former Star Trek star.

It has been 25 years since Leonard Nimoy graced the airwaves as the host of the classic TV documentary series In Search Of… Those readers old enough to remember can recall the show’s producers’ investigations into pseudo-science and the paranormal. The last new episode featuring Nimoy and an unforgettably creepy musical score and cues aired in 1982. It took twenty-two years for someone to take up the slack. But, how much does Paranormal Weekly resemble In Search Of…?

“Not that much actually,” Wilson answers with a laugh. “Think of it more in-style with your local newscast. Except, instead crime and weather you get stories about Bigfoot and ghosts.”

Wilson himself is a professional ghost researcher. For over ten years now he has studied ghosts and hauntings around the country and has written two books on the science and technology behind ghost hunting – Ghost Tech in 2005 and Ghost Science in 2006. He also lectures on the topic regularly and is even co-sponsoring the Ghost World Conference ( in Gettysburg, PA this July.

“With the Ghost World Conference we hope to advance paranormal research for the 21st Century,” claims Wilson.

Last year Wired Magazine wrote during an interview with the web-cast host, “Wilson is perhaps the foremost expert on the technology of ghost hunting in the US”

The original Paranormal Weekly broadcasts lasted less than two years. They covered everything from Bigfoot disturbing a mall’s construction in Maryland to Haunted Gettysburg and even a six-part series on the Amityville Horror. Then it was canceled. What happened?

“It was a stressful period in my life,” says the author. “Just too much was going on at the time.”

So why bring it back after almost three years?

“It was just time. Even to this day I still get asked about when the next episode is coming out. As it turns out, June 27th is the that date!”

So, doesn’t being a ghost hunter cause you to report news on hauntings with a certain amount of bias?

“No more than a conservative or liberal journalist trying to report the daily news in an un-biased manner.”

Point taken.

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