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Into the Unknown with George Noory is a late-night talk-show special best described as “mysteries with a SCI FI twist.” Taped in front of a live studio audience, the half-hour program will cover both the unusual stories in the paranormal realm and the “underneath the surface” topics that the mainstream media doesn’t want to touch. A lifelong broadcaster, George has a penchant for covering “the unexplained” with an enthusiasm and a skill unmatched in his field. Featuring a mixture of news, interviews, interactivity, and “in the field” reports, Into the Unknown with George Noory is as relevant and thought-provoking as it is controversial.

George Noory is the nationally known radio talk-show host of the nation’s largest overnight program, Coast to Coast AM, heard by millions each night on more than 500 stations in the United States and Canada, as well as on XM satellite and Internet radio.

Into the Unknown in produced by Hallock Healey Entertainment, producers of SCI FI’s hidden-camera hit Scare Tactics.

About the Special
George Noory visits with paranormal investigators in Florida who have recorded the voice of a local woman singing in her home. But here’s the twist: She’s been dead for more than five years.

Paranormal expert Joshua P. Warren unveils a new, high-tech tool in the quest for proof of life after death: The Paranormal P.C. — a computer designed specifically for recording ghostly activity.

In addition, George interviews actor Gary Busey and finds out more about the star’s “near-death” experience. Gary goes into detail about how he “crossed over” and tells George how the “angels” spoke to him and changed his life forever.

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