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Symposium aims to further paranormal research on a global scale by offering independent research groups a central repository of data.

GETTYSBURG, Pennsylvania — Ghost World, LLC today announced that a Supernatural Symposium will be held at the Ghost World Conference in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 20-22, 2007. The objective of the symposium is to bring paranormal investigators and parapsychologists from around the world together to discuss the state of paranormal research and to develop a centralized repository of data and findings that the global community can examine in order to draw some conclusions about the ghost phenomenon.

“Over the past few years, much has been added to the field of paranormal research in regard to ghosts and hauntings,” said Vince Wilson, author of Ghost Science and one of the founding partners of the Ghost World Conference. “It seems we are in the middle of a supernatural renaissance. The general public’s interest is booming like it never has before. No longer left to the scrutiny of a few obscure parapsychologists, now people from all walks of life can contribute to the newest discoveries and techniques that are pioneered each year. The objective of our symposium is to create a system of reporting that can serve the academic community and independent paranormal research community for years to come.”

Decades of data exist on psychical research. Although there have been cases in which researchers have been fooled by tricksters and outright frauds, evidence overwhelmingly suggests that there is indeed reason to believe in psychic powers. In research facilities around the world, there are file cabinets full of data on ESP, psychogenesis, and so on. But what about ghosts? What about evidence of life after death?

Until now there has been little in the way of sharing and cataloging research into ghosts and hauntings. Although hundreds of groups of ghost researchers around the world exist, many have kept their data to themselves. Few standards subsist and still fewer individuals and organizations use them anyway. Serious ghost research does not receive the same attention as other paranormal fields. While crytpozoologists, UFO trackers, and psychical researchers all have extensive collections of photos, files, and other evidence, ghost investigation has been left behind as far as academia is concerned. No single access point exists for either the beginner or the proficient ghost researcher to share and collect all the information that has been amassed so far.

Wilson added, “Through suggestions and proposals made by attendees of the Ghost World Symposium, and through input from the parapsychology community, we hope to change the face of ghost research forever.”

About the Ghost World Conference
The 2007 Ghost World Conference is being held July 20-22, 2007 at the Wyndham Hotel and Conference Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Ghost World, LLC is a joint venture between, the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society, and The Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition. The Ghost World Conference is an annual event designed to promote the work being done in the field of paranormal research. More information and registration information can be found on the official Ghost World Conference Web site at:

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