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Witness: Crystal
Location: Tolleson, Arizona
Date of Encounter: May 1992

This happened when I was just a kid and I don't really remember the date so well. However, I remember the encounter so vividly.

I was six or seven at time and my beloved Tio (Uncle) Pete had just passed away the week before. I remember being very depressed since he was my favorite uncle, and losing him was hard. I hadn't a chance to say goodbye since I had been forbidden to view his body by the Father presiding over his funeral. I was crushed since I had wished to put a teddy bear with him so he could always "sleep" with it.

One morning, I was sitting up in bed getting ready for school. My mom was in her bedroom preparing to walk me since my dad had already gone to work. Then, the door opened on by itself. No big deal, right? Normally yes. The thing is the door didn't have a lock and wouldn't stay closed most of time. So someone had put a hook and loop onto the door as a lock. You had to be on my side of the door to open it as my parents always locked it when we were in the room, especially when I was sleeping.

I remember wondering if maybe mom forgot to lock it after dad left. Then, I heard the sound of footsteps coming toward my bed. Of course, I was a little kid and freaked out bad. I couldn't make a sound.

Then I watched the mattress depress right beside my legs, as if someone just sat there. On top of that, I smelt a familiar scent. It was my Tio's cologne!

All of a sudden, I felt a rush of love go through me as well as a soft caress on my cheek. I calmed down immediately and was able to call for my mom. She came in asking me what I wanted.

Suddenly, she caught Tio's cologne and stood stock still. Being a kid and no longer frightened, I cheerily informed my mom that Tio Pete was here. I pointed to the spot in the mattres. My mom just stared at the spot with tears in her eyes.

I remember telling my Tio that I loved him. I said goodbye and that I would miss him. I got another warming lovely feeling again and my mom just whispered her own goodbyes and love. We watched as the depression in the mattress rose up as if someone stood. We heard the footsteps head away. Then the door closed and relocked itself.

No matter what anyone will try to tell me, I know in my heart — and my mom knows — that it was my Tio telling me goodbye. We were no longer sad about his passing. That memory will always be one of my most cherished. It still makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it.

I just wanted to get that out and show that sometimes when you are denied your final goodbyes, you can still get your chance if your loved one is stubborn enough.

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