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One question I frequently get asked is to explain something fascinating that I have experienced working as a forensic psychologist in the metaphysical community. Often times it might seem as though working in psychology and doing independent parapsychology research might not intertwine, but it’s just the opposite. For example, one concept that touches upon human anthropology, human psychology, spirituality, and the science connection that has been illustrated through ancient religions is The third eye. I have always been fond of capturing that very intimate kiss that so innocently, and empathetically, is found cross culturally around the world; the kiss upon the forehead. Elderly strangers upon the street gaining permission to kiss a young infant do so gently upon the top of the head. Religious icons, parental figures, and those with kindness and their hearts usually kiss you atop your third eye.

Spiritually speaking, the third eye is considered to represent one’s psychic potential and expand upon supernatural sensory experiences. Conveniently in correlation to the frontal lobe, sometimes associated with the pineal gland, the third eye is found in religious art around the world. The inner eye, the mystical and esoteric concept referring to the third invisible eye upon the forehead of an individual to provide extra sensory perception beyond ordinary sight. The Hindu ajna, the crown chakra. The Egyptian eye of Horus and the wisdom that the eyes symbolic you represents is one of powerful, all knowing, omnipotent abilities that can pierce the veil of dimension and spirituality. The tiny pinecone shaped pineal gland, a small endocrine gland that correlates to the third eye, is responsible for hormone regulation and many spiritual related functions, such as dreaming. This third eye controls various biorhythms within the human body and works directly with other glands to direct first hunger, then sexual desires and other social behaviors. Associated with the sixth chakra, the crown chakra or third eye, has long been considered mystical and magical.

Psychologically speaking, another unique spiritual reference that is often associated with the area located around the pineal gland, or third eye, is that of those who have experienced a Near Death Experience. NDE’s, as they are sometimes called, can dramatically change an individual’s faith and spiritual belief system. Science has attempted to explain the global patterns of visuals, godly themes, angelic figures, warming sensations, and repetitive symptoms associated with near death experiences to natural biological processes of death. Uniquely, for those individuals who reference the famous silver cord, it has been known to be attached through the third eye. Sometimes drawn as the metaphorical umbilical cord, a glowing silver thread has been reported to visually connect the ethereal body with the physical body during a dying experience. As the spirit would seem to lift from the vessel, much like astral projection, the silver cord remains attached and stretches you back to life if you should return to your body. Sumerian art, Egyptian art, Mayan and Aztec art, even Christian inspired works of illustration have depicted the silver cord of life being attached to the third eye. As if kissing a recently amputated part of our spiritual being, those we welcome into the world and those who pass on are usually greeted with the kiss on the fore head.

Have you ever considered what types of kissing are done on what parts of the body and why throughout nonverbal communication? The bees/bees kiss in Europe, the kiss upon your hand when bowing in the presence of royalty, a locking of lips to seal a marriage ceremony, or the intimate moments for which an individual chooses to kiss an object they hold dear. A kiss serves many unconscious meanings and holds with it unique emotional experiences. Perhaps the cross cultural forehead kiss, universally accepted as a loving gesture of kindness, usually bestowed upon newborns or those at death, is a reference to the silver cord. Our all-seeing eye, closing shut for the link of our physical time upon the earth. The Bible, Ecclesiastes 12:6 refers to the cord that connects one to the astral body, pulling you back in case of danger, and perhaps this protective and guarded feeling is another association to the gentle kiss upon the fore head. It’s not romantic, it is protective and parental in nature.

Soothing, a great symbol for Petri edge and admiration, kissing someone on the forehead relays a mutual love and respect. Kissing is intimate. When considering how greatly my psychology background effects my thinking and expansion upon little nonverbal cues, it can sometimes relay great pieces of information to a paranormal case. The belief systems and spiritual experiences of an individual can greatly affect their conscious presence but some of the behaviors can be unconscious; the same applies to hauntings associated with the souls of those who remain. The memories, energies, and connections we have to those we love can transcend and the subtlest of ways. Grand forms of intimate communication can take place with a simple nonverbal gesture, like the kiss upon a forehead. Noticing the details, taking a step back, letting the natural moments happen rather than coercing a paranormal situation, can generate amazing responses.

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