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Home Encounters An Evil Presence During Our Parents’ Divorce

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Danny Osborn
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: February 1978

My twin brother and I would go stay the weekends with our father when our parents were going through a bitter divorce. My dad was staying at our grandparents’ house. Every night my brother and I would hear something in the hallway growling. We both heard it. My dad stayed in the room at the other end of the hall and would never hear it. Later in life we asked if he was the one doing it, and he said no.

During the same timeframe at our mother’s house things were also happening to my brother and I. We would see things move like doors opening and closing by themselves, and one morning we were eating breakfast and saw the garage deadbolt turn. The thing is we had a pit bull with a litter of pups in the garage, and I know if anyone came in the garage she would have bit them, but she didn’t make a sound.

After my mom and dad’s divorce was final, we never heard anything again. I guess when bad things are going on in life the devil knows and tries to step in. I’m almost positive we were dealing with something evil.

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