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2-hour special on TLC to highlight haunted objects in a “Haunted Antiques Roadshow” format.


Do you have an object, antique, or heirloom that you believe is cursed, possessed or haunted? Does it have good energy? Bad energy?

Would you like to know for sure? Here is your chance!

POSSESSED POSSESSION is a new 2-hour special on TLC about the mysterious subject of possessed possessions. If you have a spooked object that is affecting you positively or negatively then maybe we can help you understand it. Our world-renowned paranormal experts and psychics will give you a true evaluation and assessment…think of it as a “Haunted Antiques Roadshow.”

So if you’re at least 18 years old, live in California, Nevada, or Arizona and believe you
have a POSSESSED POSSESSION, please contact:
Sam at (818) 753-3120
or email:

TLC is also looking for expert Paranormal Investigators and Psychics who will analyze objects brought in by real people who feel these objects are somehow cursed, possessed, or haunted. These gifted experts will also try to connect with any spirits that are haunting their owners.

If you are a Psychic or a Paranormal Expert and you are interested in displaying your gifts on TV. Please contact:

Sam Kivi at
(818) 753-3120
or email:

Explore the strange world of
Premiers on TLC on Halloween Night

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