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Witness: Deborah
Location: Griffin, Georgia
Date of Encounter: June 2005

My entire life, from the age of four to now, I have lived with "encounters" of all kinds. I guess that since it began at a very young age for me, it never occurred to me that it wasn't normal. I thought everyone saw what I saw, that it was a natural occurrence — just part of life. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I talked to my friends about it, and you should have seen the look of fear there. Repeatedly I was told to not talk about it again, to anyone else. It made me feel isolated and alone. So I kept it all to myself. I wouldn't even be talking about it now, but quite recently I saw something I've never seen, and up until that point I thought I'd pretty much seen it all… shadows, demons, angels, possessions, even being taken to the world of shadows. 

I never believed that a ghost would be completely solid, like they show on television. That night however, changed my view, and for some reason affects me more than anything I've seen. I went to sleep late that night in June. At some point I had rolled over on my side and just opened my eyes. I don't know why, for I didn't feel anything strange. Yet what I saw I will never forget. This young girl in her early teens was standing right there, just inches from me, looking down at me shaking her head "no" at me. She looked a bit angry at me. She had long, straight, dark brown hair and she wore this pilgrim-type black dress. Standing next to her was a taller figure. From what I saw from the corner of my eye, he was completely covered from head-to- toe by a black cloak. I wouldn't look directly at him — I felt it was male — for I didn't feel as if it mattered who he was. Besides, I couldn't look away from her penetrating, dark eyes. I then rolled over, telling myself it was a dream, and closed my eyes a moment. Then I sat up and turned my light on — something I found out as a little girl — the light always makes it better. She looked so very much alive and solid. I wouldn't stay at home much after that, in fact I just recently moved out of that house especially after my roommate had told me that every time she was alone in the house, in the living room, she would hear noises in the kitchen, and knocking on her closed bedroom door. She then told me that the building just down the street was an old mill, and she wondered if that would have anything to do with the strange activities in our apartment. I told her about what I saw and she asked me if the girl looked as if she was from another time. Now this was all coming from a closed-minded person who never saw anything out of the ordinary and never believed in the supernatural. Before, my roommate would have just laughed at what I told her. Now she's moving out too.

Now I do have other occurrences from my past that I would be happy to share, and if there are any questions you'd like to ask, or something you'd like to know, feel free to ask me. 

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