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Are strange sounds creeping you out late at night? Does your basement moan and howl? Does your attic creak? Do your walls and ceiling wail with pain? Lights turn on and off by themselves? 

Think your house is haunted? Maybe it just needs a visit from a television crew and a team of licensed home inspectors.

HORIZON Entertainment is looking to produce an hour-long Halloween special for a national cable network. The program will be modeled after Finders Fixers, a nationally run television series currently airing on the DIY Network. Each week on Finders Fixers home inspectors solve household mysteries and help homeowners make necessary repairs. They even pay for some of them!

For the Halloween special, HORIZON is looking for a young couple whose house might be haunted, but more likely just has some fun aches and pains that can be fixed. Are those moaning sounds coming from the upstairs closet the dying cries of Uncle Jasper, or just the sound of wind whipping loose 2x4s on the side of the house?

If you think you’ve got a house that looks haunted, and sounds haunted, but may be in need of a little repair and you live in the Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania area and would like to be considered for this television special? Please reply to the e-mail below. In the e-mail, make sure you tell a little about yourself, your house and its problems, and why you think your house might just might be haunted. Non-returnable pictures of yourself, your house and the problems are really helpful. 

Please e-mail if you are interested.

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