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Witness: Jay Gordon
Location: Plaistow New Hampshire and Haverhill Massachusetts and Salem Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: May 23 2005

My son, Jaron was 26 years old when he passed away on May 19, 2005. He made contact the day he was laid to rest to myself, my ex-wife, and his girlfriend by a cell phone that belonged to my ex-wife's husband, Scott that was later discovered to be lost and run over on the road in Salem, Massachusetts.

I received numerous "voice messages" calls to my cell phone from the destroyed cell phone with lots of EVP static. These calls were left as a message on my voice mail which I erased because I didn't know who they were from. A little later, I actually answered the phone and heard a voice that I thought was my other son, Evin saying, "Hey Dad," or "Hi Dad." It then went into the EVP static again. I called Evin and told him I couldn't hear his call. He said it wasn't him and that his mother was also getting these static calls. I asked Evin why was I getting these calls from Scott's cell phone. That's when he told me that Scott had lost his cell phone. We all didn't realize what was going on until after we all received the calls. The phone was discovered later that night when my ex-wife's mother, who they dropped off the night of the funeral, noticed a light near the side of the road that turned out to be Scott's cell phone that was still lit up but not working! I know that this was Jaron contacting me. I was the only one to actually hear his voice. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. This event can be documented by all the parties involved.

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