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Farmington, Maine–Have you ever woken up and been unable to move? Do you believe in ghosts and the supernatural? Do you think there is a rational explanation for everything that goes bump in the night?

The new “edutainment” documentary Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault will make you question some of your most basic beliefs about ghosts, demons, and the supernatural. People who have never talked about their battle with scary things in the night speak for the first time on camera as if you were right there with them.

One out of every five people across the world will experience sleep paralysis with a frightening presence once or many times in their lives. They will probably keep it to themselves for fear of being labeled crazy.

Today, especially in the world of modern medicine, this normal and very frightening human experience is often thought to be a psychotic event. If the victim insists that their experience was real, he or she is commonly misdiagnosed as schizophrenic.

300 years ago sleep paralysis and all of its ghosts and demonic visions was common knowledge in the West. Today we assume that it doesn’t exist.

Dramatic, thought provoking, and often frightening, Soul Smack’s documentary is as entertaining as it is educational. Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault explores the history, symptoms, terror, stigma, research, and treatment of sleep paralysis. The Soul Smack team, every day people, and researchers from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania brings the knowledge of this phenomenon back to the main stream.

Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault is an independent documentary film released through the web portal soulsmack.comIts purpose is to increase awareness of and stop misdiagnosis of the many forms of sleep paralysis.

Soul Smack is an independent film company located in the western mountains of Maine, USA. It was founded in 2008. Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault is the first in a series of thought provoking films planned by the Soul Smack team, who like to shake things up and take on challenging material that will keep you entertained and make you question reality.

Contact: Andrew Barnes
Soul Smack Productions
PO Box 974
Farmington, Maine 04938

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