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Witness: K. Roy
Location: Pickerington, Ohio
Date of Encounter: 2000

I had an encounter several years ago that I have thought about endlessly while falling asleep at night. The unknown of this incident tears me apart. When I was 20, I met a slightly older, divorced woman who had an adorable little girl and a house left from her failed marriage. The house was from the late 1800s but it was hard to tell that from the outside due to various renovations. It's a quaint, two-story house just east of Pickerington on Refugee Road. The entire second floor was the master bedroom. The first floor was a simple layout: kitchen in the back, and living room in the front with two bedrooms to the side. There was also a basement. In addition I believe there is an old settler-era cemetery close by.

The woman and I only dated for a couple of weeks in the winter so I didn't go exploring. We weren't destined to be life-long lovers, but did enjoy our time together. The last night at the house made me leave and never want to go back, even though I would not be against seeing her or her daughter again. The four-year-old girl never knew her dad (loser), and really bonded with me in a short time. It was heartbreaking to know I was leaving her life without saying goodbye.

I had always been a curious skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. The woman I was seeing had a bubbly personality and it seemed to attract the wrong type of people. She would randomly have people knock on her door telling her about strange things that have happened in her immediate area. One person told her that she needed to move immediately and never come back due to the evil presence. One time when she was alone a cop pounded on her door swearing that a man was trying to climb in a window, with all the windows closed at the time. This happened shortly before we met. She told me of various things happening in the house. She, and I through investigation, believe there are two entities in the house — a man and a woman who were night and day. Over the couple of weeks I spent the night there a few times. We didn't drink or anything so our sobriety and sanity were in good order. As soon as I entered the house for the first time I got a feeling of doom. Apparently the male presence did not like me at all. The first time there, I placed a used glass on the counter next to the sink. After walking into the living room the glass shattered on the floor. Randomly pictures would be moved and things would be knocked over. On the last evening, many things happened. I was asked to carry something to the basement. I opened the door and looked down (I need to mention that I had never been down there before), and the light switch did not work at the top of the stairs either. As I looked the basement was dark, except for a flickering light as if from a fireplace in the far corner. I'm not a religious person but I do go with my gut. I felt pure evil. I shut the door and said "F that," and went and told my girlfriend. She was not surprised. Nothing in the house surprised her anymore. There was no fireplace or any light source at all past the one light that did not turn on.

Later, she put her daughter to bed and her roommate was gone for the night. We heard a noise, like a piece of furniture moving, from upstairs. So I got elected to go check it out. There was a door to the stairway. I opened the door and looked up and saw an apparition. It was a short, petite woman in a Victorian-era full length dress. It was not a fancy dress, more like an everyday one. She was young, maybe about 30. Her appearance was hazy and I could not see her face. I had the feeling that she was trying to tell me, or warn me, about something. I turned to my girlfriend and then looked back, and she was gone. At this point it was late, we had some light music on and were talking. She fell asleep on the couch. I was sitting on the floor with my back to her and I decided to do some of my coursework. After maybe 15 minutes I decided to change subjects and do a writing assignment. I had a pen in my hand with a legal pad in my lap. I had the feeling that the womanly ghost was now present. As I started to write I felt as if I was falling asleep. It was as if the pen was guided by another hand. I thought I had fallen asleep but soon awoke to nearly a full page of text in my handwriting. I read it. For the life of me I cannot remember most of what was on the paper. It was a letter addressed to the young daughter and it stated I was to give the letter to her when she turned 18. The apparition identified herself as Sara Jane. The letter did not say anything about the author, but it did warn that there was a bad man that she kept in check with her kindness. She feared that she could not keep him from doing more bad deeds. At this point I left the letter on the coffee table and left without saying a word, never to return. I did, however, pass by the house several months later and noticed a for sale sign. I had heard through a friend that she had met this great guy shortly after meeting me and got married again. I hope it's for the best.

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