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Shamanic Witch: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Earth and Other Realms by Gail WoodShamanic Witch: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Earth and Other Realms
By Gail Wood
Publisher: Weiser Books (November 2008)
Pages: 245 – Price: $16.95 review

The Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood is an invigorating reading experience. Essentially, this fine nonfiction work is about the spiritual practice rooted in the Earth and other realms. There is a foreword by Kristin Madden.

There are four long and fact-filled chapters with a conclusion titled “The Neverending Circle.” This conclusion and initiation will have further wide appeal to readers, who will discover some valuable insights shared by the author.

The chapters will entertain and educate. In chapter one, there is an in-depth analysis of the first steps on the path to Shamanic Wicca. Chapter two covers fully the realms of shamanic practitioners and understanding their world.

Chapter three details in clearly understandable terms developing a shamanic practice, including ceremony and ritual, and basic journeys for the shamanic student. Directions on dancing your personal power animal and songs and dances is also discussed.

Chapter four is “The Realms of the Witch: Entwining the Ecstasies of the Shaman and the Witch.” The title of chapter four is self-explanatory and will certainly give you all the information you need to follow through and complete this path. A discussion of sacred space and time is also shared with the reader, and the reader will find this intriguing.

This is an excellent, well-written book. It has a lot of material to cover and does so in a fine manner. The author’s style picks the reader up and the journey begins! Gail Wood has been an active Witch and Wiccan priestess for more than twenty years, and teach workshops on alternative spiritualities. Her online site is, and her blog is at

Gail Wood knows what she is talking about and shares it in a highly positive manner with the reader in The Shamanic Witch.

The Shamanic Witch is a fine hands-on reference work and a fine book to have in your home library, or give as a personal gift to a loved one or close friend. Suggest to your local library that it order the book for its reading patrons!

The Shamanic Witch is an excellent guide to becoming a Shamanic Witch and explains how to become one. You will learn what they are, what they can do, and what they can achieve. Highly recommended reading!

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