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Attention Alaska residents – Have you experienced a paranormal encounter? Do you believe you’re haunted by a ghost or have been in contact with a spirit from the beyond?

Was there a shadowy figure in your new home? Or did everyone in your neighborhood fear the same part of town? Odd occurrences, disappearing belongings, the sounds of footsteps – even a bizarre illness or fever? Do you remember hearing unexplained noises at night – only to find the previous tenants did as well?

An Emmy-winning non-fiction production company is seeking your real life experiences of haunting, paranormal phenomena, and odd occurrences from throughout Alaska. Please send your name, age, location, and a brief account of the event(s) to to be considered.

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  1. I have lived and worked in Bethel, Alaska for almost ten years, most of this time spent teaching Community Health Aides, students who travel from all over the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta ‘ s surrounding 50+ villages. Throughout the years I have heard many stories of paranormal experiences from our Community Health Aides, the primary medical providers in South West Alaska. Most of the stories involve the Community Health Aide house, a tri-plex located in the oldest part of town called “Louse – ville. ” The CHA house is located on the site of an old Shaman ‘ s house. Stories I have heard from hundreds of students tell of the water coming on and off by itself, lights turning on and off, and figures seen in tv reflections and on the stairwell s. A little is seen on the bottom of the stairs, and even has spoken to a Float Health Aides daughter. Recently a male Health Aide had his bed shaking uncontrollably. He jumped off of it and tried to hold it down…And no earthquake, either! As Instructor s concerned about our students rest and mental health, we have bless the house repeatedly with holy water, sage, and prayers. Students say that it makes the activity worse. Many refuse to stay in the house. Our old Prematurnal home also has its share of ghosts…one of which I experienced myself. Two students told me the exact same story (both stayed their different time in the same room I had my experience in when awaiting their child’s birth). I can tell you more if you are interested as I an texting on a phone now. Myrna in Bethel

  2. Our entire village experiences paranormal activity. The City of Shishmaref building and old Shishmaref Emergency Services buildings are the most prevalent when it comes to it.
    Part of the SES building is boarded off, including a stairway. Visitors as well as community members have seen and heard people walking up and down the stairs, doors and cupboards opening or swinging open and close, heard voices, babies crying, cold air, wind, demonic growling, and boxes being dragged. They’ve had visitors who stayed the night be dragged across the floor in their sleeping bags also.
    In the city building, almost the same thing. The jail cellsnare there, and several different nighttime guards said they heard kids running around upstairs, went to check and there was nobody. All doors locked. Another guy thought he’d jump out at somebody walking down the stairs, he waited until the “person” got to the last step to finally jump out and yell, “Rah!” Nobody was there in the stairway. A lady called the city office, a person answered and spoke with her, nobody was in the office.
    The bingo hall across the street as well as the clinic all have things happening. Janitors, people staying up late all hear and see things. A lot of different homes experience paranormal activity. Some more frightenng than others. You won’t be disappointed at the school either. There’s a little girl roaming the halls since they built the school in the 70’s.

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