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Bones Mckavanagh
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Witness: Bones Mckavanagh
Location: Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: June 15, 2013

Yep, sounds familiar, sounds like a typical remark from your kids awakening you from your bed in the middle of the night. They end up sleeping with you — let them sleep it off protected by parents — bad dream etc.

Last year I was asked to observe in a case by a friend who was trying to help a family in their home. A ghost in the closet. Their kids stating, “Mommy, there’s monsters in my closet.”

So I tag along thinking it’s an innocent case of typical kids scaring themselves — probably watching too many spooky movies.

I got my act together, went into it with doubts, figured I’d tell the family it’s just an innocent child with imagination, and there’s nothing to fear. I’d be glad to help and go home knowing I solved or helped. I’m guessing it’s just a squirrel or raccoon that got in house.

A friend was sent to cleans the house of whatever was there. Since I’d never seen this done except for a priest house blessing, I was curious to see if it works and witness the response of the house owners.

I met the family, listened to them with the children not present for good reason, and I told them I’m just there to observe, but would be there for my partners to explore during the on-going house cleansing. The husband asked if he could follow us as he’s heard of us and our backgrounds in the field. We told him, no problem.

The next time your child tells you there something scaring them from there closet, do not always think it’s just there over active imagination, especially when IT also presents itself to you.

All hell broke loose during the cleansing. The husband just smiled and said, “So do you think we have a problem?”

I was stunned. From the EVP on my recorder speaker (I forgot put batteries in it). Yep, no battery. I used an electromagnet sensor and watched it read off the scale at the center point in the house starting in basement, which they all avoided, which led to one certain closet — in the kid’s room on third floor. And top it off, there was poltergeist activity, coat hangers spinning around closet pole, then stopping on a dime. I took a photo of the closet without flash. I didn’t use night vision, just open lens. Why? A little voice in my head told me to. When you look at the photo, there between the clothes, are two faces. They’re not scary, just there where there was nothing present.

I contacted the person who cleansed their home, this person said they were happy with the results, which I know is not true. The couple knew it too, and showed me this house was spook central. They never wanted to see the photo.

No, I can’t stop the activity. Yes, I believe they have moved out. Me, I will protect their privacy. I will not specifically say what was said to the wife by whatever dwells there, but the loud and clear message, “GET OUT —-” and a few other phrases. Yep, I got the message loud and clear. It puts a whole new perspective when a child says, “There is a monster in my closet, mommy.”

Yes, it’s definitely a good story for a typical ghost kid’s book, the problem is, it really happened. I’m an adult and I’ll never underestimate or shrug off a scared kid thinking their imaginations gone wild. It puts a whole new perspective when they tell you about their imaginary friend they have and talk too. Here is the photo I took of the closet in the kid’s room.

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  1. I had a “monster” (ghost, demon, whatever) in MY closet as a child too. All night, I would listen to things moving around in there. Boxes sliding across the floor, the doorknob turning, etc. It interacted with me too…I got the distinct impression that it was feeding off my fear. I was only seven, yet somehow, I just knew this was the case. The most frustrating part of it all, was my parents not believing me. I still recall my father standing in front of the open closet, saying “SEE?! It’s JUST a closet!” Yeah…a closet from HELL! Years later, while delivering a pizza next door, I just had to creep up and look through the window to my old bedroom. (Had it not been daytime, I can’t say I’d have been as brave!) I still got an eerie vibe from the old house, and halfway expected something to jump out at me. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. But a funny thing caught my eye…the new owners had completed covered the closet with drywall! Like it was never there. But it was…and just maybe…it still is!

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