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Planet Paranormal, where spirits wander, psychics dwell, aliens visit, vampires roam, magick exists and conscious masters come to tea. If you love all things paranormal, this is the place. Our goal is to bring you outstanding paranormal talk radio that you can listen to live or download to your computer or IPOD. All the shows are free, including the archives, and it’s very easy to listen. 

Shows Include:

Spellbound with Fiona Horne
Fiona Horne, the world’s best selling author on White Witchcraft, takes your calls and offers spells, advice and insight on everything from love and relationships, career and health to the latest celebrity gossip. Spice up your life with some extra-special witchy magick! 

Haunt Hunters with Dave Allison and Lori Robillard
Everything you want to know about ghost hunting and then some. Professional Paranormal investigators, Dave and Lori discuss their real life encounters with the spirit world and share ghost stories, ghost hunting tips, ghost reality show gossip and more. 

Afterlife with Shaun Valentine
The show that will open your heart and touch your soul. Join your host, Shaun Valentine, and some of the most amazing mediums in the world as they offer messages of love and hope to listeners from loved ones who have crossed over. Shaun’s guest mediums include James Van Praagh, Peter Close, AJ Barrera, Hollister Rand and Vicki Monroe, to name a few. If you’ve ever wondered if the “other side” really exists tune in and experience the Afterlife. 

The Indigo Window with Elizabeth
Journey through The Indigo Window, where the mysterious and wondrous are every day occurrences. Join your host, Elizabeth, as she talks with different guests on varying topics related to the spiritual awakening taking place on our planet. Meet those who make the path to higher consciousness part of their every day lives, from metaphysical consultants and energy healers to chefs, filmmakers and musicians to actual Indigo children themselves. Expand your mind and discover the secrets of a life that knows no limitations through The Indigo Window. 

Darkened Souls with Candace Miller and Kurt
Vampires do exist. Here’s your chance to get to know some. This mysterious show will leave you in awe as Candace and Kurt, two modern Vampires, invite you into their world. The taboo to the stimulating, Darkened Souls will leave you wanting more. Some of the show will cover the occults, metaphysics, and a multitude of subcultures. They take your calls and e-mails and answer any question you choose to throw at them. Don’t worry. They don’t bite…much. 

Lifting Your Veil with Lisa Renee
This is the birth of a New Paradigm, and now we are dismantling everything that we have been trained, taught and programmed to believe is reality up till now. You are invited to share an experience of the higher realms and the ascension process with Guardians and Spirit Guides. Emerge with a fresh point of view that is applicable to your unique spiritual path and the co-creative integration of spirit with matter. 

Along with our shows, Planet Paranormal has a newsletter that will keep you updated on the newest show releases. The newsletter is known as the EVP or Extremely Valuable Person, by signing up today you are automatically entered for our monthly Planet Giveaway. Planet Paranormal also has a message board where you can talk with your favorite show hosts and like minded individuals about the shows. 

Planet Paranormal is a free podcast and live streaming radio station.

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