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Witness: Cassie Taylor
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date of Encounter: October 2, 2004

On October 2, 2004, I gave birth to my daughter who passed away 18 minutes after she was born. The whole time while she was alive I kept saying to her, "Come on baby, breath for mama, cry, do something for mama!" But she didn't because of her condition. That night in the hospital I was having a hard time sleeping. When I finally dozed off I saw an image in my dreams of my grandfather who had passed when I was 6, both of my great-grandmothers who had passed a few years back, and both my great-grandfathers who passed way before I was born and all I had seen of them were pictures. They were holding Payton (my daughter) smiling and waving, letting me know she was in good hands. That's not even the weird part. When I finally got back home in Wyoming, I was in my apartment in my bed sleeping. My boyfriend at the time and I got a 2 bedroom apartment and fixed her room up just for her. That night I was sleeping and awoke to my baby crying in the other room. I ran to her room and had forgotten that she had passed away. I broke down crying and held onto her teddy bear that I had bought for her. As I was crying I felt the tiniest little lips kiss my cheek. It was so cold. I knew that it was her telling me that if she could have she would have cried for me at the hospital. Every once in awhile I'll have dreams of her, letting me know that she is still ok.

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