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Alannah Myles to Host Paranormal Series for Renegade Motion Pictures Beyond announces two more seasons on The Space Channel with the celebrated recording artist as host. 

Toronto, ON, and Regina, SK, — Multi Platinum, Grammy award winning recording artist Alannah Myles now adds television to her repertoire as the new host of the Canadian paranormal show, Beyond, this fall on The Space Channel. 

Beyond debuted on the Space Channel in January 2005. Writer/ Director Steven Rumbelow, known for his extensive work in feature films and live theatre, has produced a landmark paranormal series in the spirit of science as well as the supernatural. Rumbelow and Myles first worked together in the feature film The Covenant. Alannah was Rumbelow’s first choice for host upon hearing of the order for more seasons from CHUM Television, “Her energy is exactly what we are looking for to set the atmosphere and tone of Beyond.” Myles is best known for her hits “Black Velvet” and “Lover of Mine.” 

The first two seasons of Beyond marked a milestone in paranormal programming with unprecedented evidence on subjects including ghosts, life after death, Electronic Voice Phenomena, and crop circles, just to name a few. Rumbelow mixed academic and scientific experts with paranormal experts like voodoo priests and psychics to confirm his evidence. 

CHUM Television signed on for two new seasons (26 episodes) of the paranormal series for their subsidiary, the Space Channel, in December 2005. The third season of Beyond will begin airing Fall 2006. Apart from signing Myles on as host, you will be sure to see more than a few new developments, according to Rumbelow, “We decided to upgrade the series to make it a viable prospect for the international market. We initiated a number of improvements, including important equipment upgrades, enabling us to deliver the series in High Definition Television.” 

With this new media, Beyond will bring us episodes on the mysteries of haunted objects, psychic children, reincarnation and channeling among other paranormal mysteries in Season 3. Season 4 will focus on supernatural myths like fairies, monsters, the Illuminati and Atlantis just to name a few. 

The first two seasons of Beyond have finished their first run and are currently in re-runs on the Space Channel. 

About Renegade Motion Pictures
Renegade Motion Pictures ( is a Canadian production company dedicated to high concept, low budget independent productions. Award-winning director, Steven Rumbelow, serves as president. Renegade produces television series, such as Beyond (, as well as feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and theatre productions. 

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  1. How can some one buy a DVD version of “Beyond” TV series that was hosted by Alannah Myles from Canada?

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