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PsyTech and Utopia Dream Productions Announce the Release of the documentary Haunted Kentucky to DVD
This film is the first in the Haunted Journeys series, which will follow acclaimed Nicholasville, Kentucky Mother-Daughter ghost hunting team Starr and Jessi Chaney of PsyTech throughout the United States, and eventually overseas, in search of paranormal activity. Haunted Kentucky is a the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for filmmaker Charla Stone. “It’s something I’ve always wondered about. I’ve been back and forth in my personal beliefs about the existence of ghosts”, she said. “My grandfather got me started into the paranormal… he had books on Edgar Casey which I found fascinating. I’ve seen the shows on TV, and I thought, I’d love to go on a ghost hunt someday! This documentary was my way of realizing this goal, and a way for me to ‘tag along’ and be an actual participant in the documentary, which is what I really wanted. On a personal note, I have really grown a lot through these experiences, and I really want to keep going with it.”

Stone explains that the project was originally set for several locations within the South, but Stone realized that there was more than enough paranormal activity right in her home state, so the project went forward with its focus on Kentucky. 

“Throughout filming with Starr and Jessi I noticed that they were ghost magnets! I had a goal to show ghost hunting as it actually was, nothing fake or phony, but when we began filming it was clear that we would have no shortage of activity. So I know people are going to say, ‘Hey, I thought you were going to show ghost hunting as it really is!’… but this is how it really was. Everywhere we went we ended up with some type of activity.

“From the moment I met Starr and Jessi I knew they were the right team for this project. They seemed the most down to earth. They were authentic, not about the money,” Stone said. “They were technical and scientific on one hand, with their use of instruments. But on the other hand, they’re also what are called ‘sensitives.’ They can walk into a place and feel if there’s a presence there. They’ve taught me how to open up to that.” 

Their journey took them throughout Kentucky, visiting private homes as well as historical locations and businesses in search of spirit activity. What they found was sometimes more than they expected. At times, they had to admit, even their nerves became a little rattled by the goings-on. “It’s all going to be real. Nobody’s going to be acting. It’s not scripted. We’re doing it in cinema verite style, which basically just means we go out with a camera and go for it. We’ll just keep rolling, and see what happens,” Stone said. "You experience the happenings right along with us." Stone remembers one incident that unnerved the whole crew: “It was funny, at one certain place you all freaked out which made me freak out because you all are my security blanket, and that was the first time I had ever seen fear in you guys.” Yes, there were times when even the ghost hunters got scared.

Their journey took them to the famed Mansion at Griffin Gate Restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, where resident ghost Greta treated them to quite a show. They also were allowed rare access to White Hall, which is the home of famed abolitionist Cassius Clay, the Butler-Turpin House at General Butler State Park and two of the homes that are part of David Domine’s book Ghosts of Old Louisville.

Says Starr Chaney on filming, “It was such a wonderful experience, and the people we met and the places we were able to visit were just extraordinary. Jessi and I are very thankful to have had this opportunity to see Kentucky in a whole new light, and we hope that others will join us on our journey seeking out paranormal activity in our home state of Kentucky.”

One of the most important points to this documentary is that it is also a fundraising effort for the very same historical places that were visited in the crew’s travels. A portion of the sales from the DVD goes to aid the sites in their preservation and restoration efforts. The DVD is getting great reviews, and the production company hopes everyone will be pleased with its contents… as well as knowing they are helping preserve a part of history as well.

A trailer and teaser can be viewed on the Web at: You may also purchase your copy of the documentary there as well.

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