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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Sacramento, California
Date of Encounter: Summer of 1992

This happened several years ago in Sacramento in 1992. It was a little after 1 o'clock on a Wednesday morning. I couldn't get any sleep. I was tossing and turning and hearing all of these voices in my head. Whisperings, pssss, pssss — all these voices talking to me all at once in my ears. It sounded like a hundred little voices talking all at once.

When I sleep, I usually sleep in the nude and was uncovered because it was a summer night. All of a sudden I felt something in my room. I looked around in the dark and felt a presence. I couldn't touch it or see it, but I felt it. I actually felt my bed sag like it does when someone sits on the bed to talk with you. I pulled the covers over me and felt the hairs stand on the back of my neck and asked, "Who's there?" I had to cover myself, it felt as if someone was watching me. I couldn't stop the feeling that someone was beside me. After a while I fell asleep, but was kind of scared to be in the dark. The next day I couldn't shake the feeling of the last night's experience.

Anyway, two weeks later my ex husband called to tell me that our best friend Kay had died. Kay and I had become really goods friend when my husband and I lived in Oklahoma City for a year. She was like my mother. Since my mother lived in New York and I was in my twenties, Kay kind of took the new position of mother to me. John had kept in touch with Kay because when we divorced Kay was always under the assumption that I would return to John. I never did.

He told me that she had died in the early hours of a Wednesday morning. All of a sudden I knew that my friend had come to say goodbye to me. Even now as I'm writing this experience, I still feel like crying. It was Kay who was with me when she passed! Those voices were angels talking to me. I knew something too, but didn't know why. I asked my ex if he had received a letter from Kay. He said that he had and that the letter was received on the afternoon of that Wednesday. I also asked him if in that letter she had stated that she had hoped that we would get back together. He said, "Yes, how did you know?" I said I just knew, that's all, I just knew. Although at the time I did not know what the presence was, it was just this knowing that she had cared enough to say goodbye. I cried for two weeks knowing I lost my best friend.

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