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Joshua P. Warren, one of the world’s premier paranormal investigators, has produced an online paranormal investigator certification course covering spirits, UFOs, cryptids, ESP, magick and more.

After you complete the classes, you will be sent a test. If you pass the test you will receive a frameable certificate qualifying you as a “Certified Paranormal Investigator.”

Class One: Reality & How to Measure It
You will learn the fascinating fundamentals of how physical reality seems to be constructed, and how to conduct a proper, effective investigation that will endure critical scrutiny; plus rational imaging and EVP/audio analysis.

Class Two: Ghosts & Hauntings
You will learn about the different types of ghostly phenomena, how they manifest, and how they relate to both animate, and inanimate material and figures, including animal spirits, phantimals like “Bigfoot,” inter-dimensional beings, and what some call “angels” or “demons.” You’ll also learn helpful techniques to clear a place of ghostly or spiritual phenomena and the psychomanteum technique for those who want contact.

Class Three: UFOs & Cryptids
You will learn how to analyze aerial phenomena and tell whether or not you are witnessing an ordinary object, an exotic military technology, or true “alien” technology, and how such strange beings might relate to the general study of extraordinary creatures. The mechanics of “flying saucers,” and how they might shift time/space include a vast array of truly bizarre technologies.

Class Four: ESP & Magick
Through valuable exercises, you will learn how to use your bare senses as “psychic” investigation tools, how to project your thoughts and bio-field to affect the world through “The Force,” and how to create paranormal activity, at will, by creating tulpas. Wands, dowsing rods, and radionics will also be covered, including what ancient magicians call “The Single Most Powerful Spell in the World.”

Class Five: Earning Money As An Investigator
Whether you want to investigate full-time, or part-time, you’ll be delighted to earn money with your work. Joshua will teach you how to turn your passion into a career if you want, and start earning money immediately, and ethically, in the paranormal field.

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