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Ouija Board by Frank Grace
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Witness: Maddie and Summer
Location: New Jersey
Date of Encounter: December 10, 2016

Hey, my name is Maddie. Today me and my best friend Summer had a strange encounter with a malevolent spirit. Let me explain what happened.

A few months ago me and one of my other friends, Alecia met an 8 year old spirit child named Ris through a Ouija board. She seemed like a very sweet and innocent girl, she told us at her own will (and I repeat HER OWN WILL) how she met her death. She apparently got beaten to death by her abusive father. Then a few weeks went by and I introduced Ris to my now best friend Summer, they got along very well. It didn’t seem like she had any sorts of problems with her or anyone she met.

The next day we were playing when we got a call from my friend Amie. Long story short, she had an encounter with a spirit name Sarah. She claimed that Sarah was a very stubborn spirit, it took her hours just to get her to say goodbye. Amie also stated that Sarah seemed like a very lonely, and clingy spirit who did not want to let her go.

Then we made an attempt to contact Sarah through the board, it was a success. After we talked to Sarah for a bit, we asked her if she ever knew Ris. Sarah suddenly stopped moving the planchette, we asked her if she was alright. She answered no. She also said that Ris isn’t Ris. She said that Ris is actually a man named Roger W**** [last name omitted by editor].

Sarah also told us that Roger was the one who killed her at the age of 27. The final thing she said about Roger was that if we ever told him that she was the one who told, that he would send her straight to the gates of Hell.

We tried to contact Ris/Roger on December 10, 2016 around 2:30 pm eastern time. We successfully contacted Ris. At that period of time he didn’t know that we knew who he really was. Then we did something that we both regret. We asked if she was hiding anything from us. He responded this in his own words.

“Fine you f****** caught me” Then right after that he said “Who told you two b******?”

We simply responded “The internet” In hopes to keep Sarah safe.

Then Roger responded “You lying scums.”

Then the planchette started to circle around the alphabet counterclockwise excluding the letter M. It did not touch the corners whatsoever! Summer and I started to panic wondering what it was trying to do. I thought he simply lost control over the planchette, but Summer thought it was something more because at that time is was spinning around continuously for around 2 to 3 minutes. So I suggested that if we put pressure on it, it might stop it. It just kept going even with pressure, but just slower. But after we lifted the pressure it continued to spin and got even faster.

After a while it just randomly landed on goodbye. Maybe it just got tired or got sick of us panicking. But it would mean a lot to us if someone could shed some light on why it repeatedly spinned around the board counterclockwise excluding the letter M, then randomly landing on goodbye.

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  1. In regards to the Ouija Board… the spirits know everything you think. They do not audibly hear you. So if you think Roger didn’t know you knew… you are sadly mistaken. Spirits who have not passed over are usually damaged in some way. If they are contacting you it’s more than likely of a negative persuasion (unless it’s a spirit guide – unlikely as they speak with you every night as needed when you are asleep).

    You really shouldn’t be messing around with those for fun. If not now, at some point you will attract something negative. I know when someone says… “don’t mess with those” it may have the opposite effect in making you want to do it more. I caution you. Make sure you say a prayer asking God to close the board. Don’t be afraid to say “in Jesus name,” even if you are not a believer.

    Good luck.

  2. Hello Maddie and Summer,

    Allie is right on many points. Spirits, especially malevolent, will say and do things through the Ouija Board to gain your trust, usually in a manner to get you to open a doorway. Once that doorway has been opened, the entity will have what it wants, usually to have legal rights to attack or pester you.

    Allie said spirits can know what you are thinking and she couldn’t be more right. As a paranormal investigator for over ten years, I have seen this personally and can verify its validity. Some spirits, especially the demonic, will know your sins and past doings, even if know one else but yourself know about it.

    Since God in Heaven is the creator of this world and You, Satan and his kingdom will do anything to attack it. Satan is known as a deceiver and the father of lies. More than likely, you may be dealing with something evil, and the counter clockwise movement is typical of something demonic, although there is a chance that is just coincidence.

    There is a way to test the spirit you are communicating with, as said in the Bible (1 John 4:2-3): “By this you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God.”

    I would advise listening to Allie’s advice about prayer and protection. Feel free to contact me at with any further questions.

    Best Regards,

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