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Have you ever investigated a location and caught yourself saying, “Someone should really clean this mess up”? Well, it’s time to stop being selfish and give back to the people and the properties that have allowed you to come in and conduct paranormal investigations.

It’s time to take action during the month of June! Show the world that ghost hunters can make a difference and that we really do care about the properties we investigate. From your favorite old cemetery to that neglected building that is packed full of graffiti and beer cans. It is time to give back and to stop waiting for someone else to do it.

The Ghost Divas and The Oklahoma Paranormal Union encourage everyone involved with the paranormal community to organize a clean up in your area. You have already proven that you are able to gain permission to look for ghosts, we are positive that property owners will be thrilled to allow you to clean up for them, free of charge! The National Paranormal Clean Up event is a great opportunity to meet other paranormal teams. Showcase your team as a part of the local community with positive representation. Show your local community that you care about these forgotten places and that preservation starts with effort, dedication and hard work.

Pick a location, get permission, set a date and invite everyone… it’s that easy!

Here are some suggestions to help with your areas National Paranormal Clean Up event.

Adopt a Cemetery– Bring your lawn mowers, weed eaters and trash bags. Readjust head stones and do a tombstone inventory to submit to property owners for their records. Don’t forget to place a flower on each grave.

Abandoned Property– Contact the owners and be prepared to secure the building from future vandalism. Erase offensive graffiti and pick up garbage. Repair fences and eradicate dangerous objects.

Historical Sites– If cared for by a historical society, individual or museum complex, offer to go in and clean it up. Bring the Murphy Oil Soap and a vacuum cleaner! Contact a local gardening center let them know what you are doing and see if they can donate landscaping materials.

We invite you to submit your National Paranormal Clean Up event photos or video to The Ghost Divas or The Oklahoma Paranormal Union or proudly showcase your before and after reports on your website. It is time to give back to a community that has offered us priceless memories, evidence and personal adventures. Don’t forget to have a BBQ or Pot Luck dinner to celebrate your hard work. Come together with other teams and prove to the world that you do care about the properties you investigate. Be careful, have fun and feel great! It’s time to give back this June with the National Paranormal Clean Up event!

The National Paranormal Clean Up event is worthwhile of friendly team competition, if you are into that. We hope that the National Paranormal Clean Up will spread nationwide and let society see us as trustworthy and admirable members of the community.

The National Paranormal Clean Up originated in Oklahoma and was created by: The Ghost Divas, The Oklahoma Paranormal Union and its dedicated affiliates.

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