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Witness: Amanda
Location: Northern Mississippi
Date of Encounter: Fall of 2006

I had my first child on July 26, 2006. We named her Alyssa Victoria, and she was the most amazing gift I've ever received. I had a complicated pregnancy and was put on bed rest for the last 4 months of the pregnancy. My husband had a great job in Alabama where we were living at the time. For reasons beyond our control my husband was laid off from his job in July of 2006, right before I gave birth to our child. We ended up losing everything.

We stayed with some friends of ours for a month or so to try to get back on our feet, but they ended up having to move unexpectedly out of state. We had no choice at this point but to go stay with my husband's mother and step-father in Mississippi.

At first things were alright. My husband quickly got a job, but he was making a lot less money than we were used to. Things were a bit stressful to say the least.

Now, to say I was afraid of ghosts and anything supernatural would be a giant understatement. I'm terrified. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are very religious people. My father-in-law is a retired Baptist preacher.

The first encounter I had was soon after we got settled. My daughter was about 3 months old. I was laying in the bed, almost asleep, and swore that I felt something hit me in the face. My head slammed backward. I turned to my husband and grabbed his arm to wake him up. He told me I was dreaming, so I just let it go. The next time was a little different. A few days later I felt the same exact feeling. It didn't feel like someone actually hit me, but like someone threw a ball of energy at me with great force. Again, it slammed my head backward. I then heard a voice. It sounded like a man with a very raspy voice. I couldn't understand what it said, but it scared me to death. Again, I grabbed my husband and tried to get him to believe that I was not dreaming. He basically shooed me away. Over the next few weeks, I continued having these strange experiences. I awoke to hear a woman singing a lullaby to my baby one night. When I sat up to look, there was no one there. Another night I heard a child crying through the wall above my head.

Finally, my husband had his own experience. We were laying in the bed one night, and he began to shake as if convulsing. It only lasted a few seconds, not even long enough for me to really react. I grabbed him and he let out almost a yelp, and I quickly asked him what was wrong. He told me that he felt himself come out of his body and he floated to the ceiling. He said he was looking down at himself and me for just a moment and then he saw me grab him and he fell back into his body. It scared him to death and he finally believed me that something was just not right.

We quickly went to ask his parents for their opinion on our situation. Them being the religious types stated that it wasn't ghosts, but demons that were trying to frighten us. Now, as I stated before, I've never had any kind of encounter with anything supernatural before. That is, not until my daughter came along. Every time these occurrences happened, I always got a strong feeling that it all surrounded my baby. I felt like I needed to protect her. My in-laws said that Satan hates children. Children are innocent and thus belong to God, and this is why the demons were targeting us. I am a Christian woman, and they said that Satan doesn't bother with people who are not Christians because he already has their souls, but he tries to scare good Christian people because he hates them.

Whether or not this was true, I have no idea. My father-in-law blessed the room that night, but things just got worse. Whatever was in that room seemed very angry at this point. We very quickly left the house and have not had any encounters since.

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