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The Gaia Project 2012: The Earth's Coming Changes by Hwee-Yong JangThe Gaia Project 2012: The Earth’s Coming Changes
By Hwee-Yong Jang, Translated by Mira Tyson
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (February 2007)
Pages: 248 Price: $14.95 review

Hwee-Yong Jang gives the reader a fresh, concise perspective and guide to the transformation and consciousness shift believed to take place in the coming year, 2012. Along the way, the author gives vital information on the origins of the world and humankind, and discusses the fall of the legendary civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

As this interesting and educational book unfolds, information on reincarnation and past-life memories are shared with the reader. There is also an explanation of the purpose of life and the true meaning of existence. Details about the nature of consciousness and revelations about alien life are detailed.

Essentially, this well-written book is written for every reader willing to prepare for the coming great change and to take an active part in that change. The author looks at the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for humankind.

Those interested in further information should visit Dr. Jang’s Web site at The material found there will be highly interesting.

This book contains three parts and ten chapters, and a recommended reading list and index is included. The glossary will be helpful, and useful. Most readers will be surprised at what they read in chapters nine and ten. Preparation period is discussed, and the last days of the Earth are analyzed. The reader will find the questions and answers found on pages 223 to 235 intriguing, for they contain interesting observations by Dr. Hwee-Young Jang well worth the reader’s time.

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