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Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics and New Age Supply Shop prepares for its grand opening August 2-5. Located on Main Street in Westbrook, Unicorn Cove offers a variety of classes, services and supplies to the public.

Westbrook, Maine — Maine’s first school of metaphysics officially opened its doors on Main Street in Westbrook on July 1, 2006. Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics and New Age Supply Shop is owned and operated by Ahura Zakhuur Diliiza, who teaches classes and offers a variety of services in addition to metaphysical supplies.

Zakhuur has an honorary degree in being a big brother. As a martial artist, musician, and metaphysics teacher, he has served as a powerful role model for many people, including teens trying to stay off the streets and off of drugs. In August, he will take his mentoring role and business acumen to a new level: as founder of the first school of metaphysics in Maine, designed to empower everyone from teen-agers to the elderly and all in between. “I teach people to be free," Zakhuur said. "To do what you love to do. If you do what you love to do, the Universe will always meet you on that street corner." 

When Zakhuur opened his business at his new location in Westbrook, he got proximity to Maine’s largest Ginkgo tree to boot. Like the tree, Zakhuur’s metaphysical shop and learning center has grown and thrived, blossoming into Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics and New Age Supply Shop. The school, which is the first of its kind in Maine, will offer services and classes in everything from spiritual development to music therapy to meditation. Zakhuur continued, “I believe that everybody should strive to seek their own mastery. Each one of us has some place that we are masters of. My job is to help people reach that." 

The grand opening, which will be held at 795 Main Street on Wednesday, August 2nd through Saturday, August 5th from 10am to 6pm, will feature 10-minute readings for $5; raffles for prizes; free 5-minute readings on Saturday from 11-12:30; and an “Ask The Unicorn” game where people draw runes from a bowl and the one with the unicorn rune gets to ask their question. Information on classes, services and other offerings will be available, and registration for classes will also commence. 

Classes, which are held in both group and private settings, include subjects such as Beginning Mysticism, Tai Chi, Psychic Self-Defense, Dream Interpretation, Astrology and Herbalism, among many others. Instead of offering a traditional syllabus, all classes through Unicorn Cove are based on students’ desire to learn. There is also no fixed tuition. Says Zakhuur, “I can’t charge a set price for what it is that I teach. All those who want to can learn from me. If I help you to increase yourself, leave a donation so I can keep doing it!” In addition, Unicorn Cove offers a variety of services such as healing, counseling, telepathic readings, astrological charts, and paranormal investigation/entity removal, some of which are also available by donation. 

In addition to teaching and offering the above services Zakhuur is a musical artist. He has his own record label, Unicorn 1 Records, under which he writes, performs and records all of his own music. He utilizes his music studio in offering a form of music therapy he calls Vibrational Frequency, which is a combination of tones prepared according to a person’s specific vibration used to enhance and help connect them with their higher self. He also hopes to be an active example to young local musicians of someone doing something positive with their talents. “My job is as a facilitator; facilitating people to realize their dreams," he says. “Or at least get them to a place where they have the confidence to do what it is they want to do." He plans on utilizing his studio to give young local musicians an opportunity to record their own music. 

The motto of Unicorn Cove is “A haven for seekers of beauty, truth and understanding”. Through Unicorn Cove Zakhuur hopes to give the community a sanctuary where they can learn and evolve. “People need to know there is a place that they can come where they will not be judged, where they will be taught. You have more potential than you have been let on to know."

For more information about the information contained in this release, please visit All classes, products and most services are also available online at If you are interested in classes or services please visit our Website, contact us or stop in to set up an appointment to speak with Zakhuur. 

About Zakhuur
Ahura Zakhuur Diliiza is a master mystic, telepath, healer and Psychic Policeman. He has been a teacher of mysticism, psychic self-defense and divine sciences throughout the United States for over 17 years. He currently teaches classes and offers his own unique services and products from his school of metaphysics/storefront/record label in Westbrook, Maine.

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