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Witness: Konni
Location: Ruidoso, New Mexico
Date of Encounter: 1995

I was very young when this happened, but it's just one of those things… I am sure of what I saw and I see it vividly in my mind to this day unlike so many things that happened in my childhood.

I was in the backseat of my grandparent's green four door Subaru. They were in the front conversing with one another while I watched the scenery go by out the window. I was on the driver side of the car. We approached the famous Cree Meadows Golf course in my tourist town of 'Doso. Scattered about the green mounds with the holes and flags were golfers, of course, but one stood out from the rest. He resembled the joker from Batman and Grandpa from the series The Munsters. Hair a little green, skin pale and flaky and wrinkled. He had on a cartoon looking suit with a tail in a sort of fuchsia color and was leaning on a golf club. He made eye contact with me, despite how far our car was away from the actual place he stood. He was grinning and he watched me closely until we were out of sight. None of the surrounding golfers seemed to notice him at all. I got one of the worst feelings from the look he gave me. I frantically tried to tell my grandmother what I had seen and she just shut me out. The only person who has ever believed me is my mother… but that is to be expected I suppose. Like many others with experiences similar though, despite my age and clay like imagination… I know what I saw, and he saw me too.

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