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“Live” Investigation at the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington, Georgia, January 19th-21st
WASHINGTON, GEORGIA — "The moment I entered I felt the ghosts filtering through muted stained-glass windows. The thick warm smell of history permeated the charm of the former residents. This is the place for the ‘Mystics’ to meet this ‘Majestic Grandeur," said Certified Ghost Hunter Deborah Senger of

R.C.I.P., also known as Rutherford County Investigators of the Paranormal present famous paranormal investigator, writer, TV star (Dead and Famous) and medium, Janice Oberding ( Known for her quick wit and finesse, she will lead participants as this historical property is investigated for the first time. The hotel sits ( between Athens and Augusta and is a short drive from other southeastern states.

The Fitzpatrick brothers originally constructed the hotel in 1899. After the death of John Fitzpatrick, the building was sold in 1914 and traded ownership several times until it closed in 1951. The building had been out of service for half a century until it was recently lovingly restored and reopened. Who never checked out?

The weekend includes an historical tour, workshops, and a “real live” investigation and séance. Join an elite group of paranormal investigators for this unique opportunity. All beginners, amateurs, and experienced ghost hunters are welcomed to join these elite investigators. This is a rare opportunity for the general public to explore the paranormal. The activities start at $115 with accommodations beginning at $75. 

Additional information: or call (828) 287-9388.
Mention this news release for $100 rate.

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