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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Date of Encounter: Around September 22, 2005

I was 17 and a half at that time and I was away from my home to study for medical admission test. I was to have my unit tests very soon so I was preparing for them. I used to stay up late for studying. I remember clearly that I was studying about gravity then all of a sudden I heard something like knocking outside the window, but I didn't give consideration to it. Then I heard the same thing again and it started to increase. I thought that the dog of my landlord was fidgeting around with something so I decided to give him a good bashing. As I opened my door and came out, I was surprised to see that the dog was standing at the opening which led toward my window. I kicked him and looked into the passage. I felt like something was moving in there, but the possibility of that was very low because anyone entering the house in the day has a hard time with the dog, and this was night. So I moved into the passageway. Suddenly this thing started to move — it was not transparent as ghosts are supposed to be, it started to move away from me and I thought it might be a thief so I started after it, but suddenly it turned and I saw a glimpse of it. The face was somewhat familiar, but I was not able to recognize it. I went after it and it vanished in thin air. I felt as if I had to sleep then. I felt scared, but I did not believe in god, so there was no question of believing in a ghost. I told my experience to my mom and she said it was due to the stress I was going through. After a few days I was going through a photo album and I came to a group photo of our trip and I saw a girl. She seemed familiar. Actually, to be frank, she had a crush on me, but I did not like her too much because she was kind of weird in behaving. She had a lot of faith in god and often did activities like Planchette and roaming around after dark. Then I recognized that the experience I had and the glimpse of the thing that I saw had a resemblance to her. So I called up my friend to ask about her and he told me she died about a month ago by falling from her terrace. Was that a ghost I saw? I don't believe it, and on telling this complete thing to my mom, I had to have a visit to a physiatrist.

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