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Join ‘Spooky Southcoast’ for a special “Investigators’ Night” at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast at 92 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. The event will be Sunday night, April 6, 2008, and is hopefully the first of many such events put together by the SouthCoast’s most popular paranormal radio show.

While details are still coming together, SSC announced that a price of $75 per ticket will get investigators–as well as the general public interested in taking part in an investigation–into the very haunted house at 92 Second Street to take part in the investigation, as well as presentations given by soon-to-be-announced special guests. Keep checking back here as all the news will be announced in the coming days…

In addition, anyone wishing to rent out a room at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast for the night will get a special rate of $150 for the room! They generally go for $175 and $250, so you could save as much as $100 on the price!

So for just $300, a couple can take part in all the activities of the night before retiring to their room to (hopefully) get some sleep–if the spirits will let you! And groups can split the room amongst themselves to make it even cheaper.

“We’re doing this because we want other investigators as well as the general public to have the same opportunity that we’ve had to experience the hauntings at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast,” said Tim Weisberg, host of ‘Spooky Southcoast.’ “We still need to ensure that owner Lee-ann Wilber, who is generously lowering the costs associated with renting out the house, can cover her expenses for the evening. So hopefully, we’ve come up with an affordable opportunity for investigators to check out Lizzie’s without having to rent out the entire house.”

“This is going to be different than the usual events they have there,” Weisberg said. “If you’d rather investigate instead of listening to the lectures and guest speakers, we welcome that. And we’ll also have special guest investigators there to help you as well. Plus, the small size of the house and the fact that we’ll have 20 people investigating at once will force groups and individuals to work together, and unity in the field of the paranormal is something we feel very strongly about.”

Due to the size of the house, the investigation is limited to only 20 people. So act now!

More details will be announced soon, as well as an opportunity to purchase tickets online. Stay tuned to Spooky’s “Latest News” page for PayPal/check/money order information, but anyone wishing to reserve their tickets and room should contact Tim Weisberg at,, or at the

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