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Witness: Linda
Location: Sanger, California
Date of Encounter: January 20 – March 7, 2008

First off to make things clear, I've lived on the haunted road in my town, Channel Road, for about 15 years. I've always had a funny feeling about living on this road. As I was growing up, I would hear about "Sake Road," but I never really understood why people would mention it and gasp! But it wasn't until I was older that I was starting to notice and understand why things were going on.

When I was about 13, I remember hearing strange footstep noises in my halls. Even when I was younger I remember being scared of figures in my room and around my bed. It was when I was younger, so I had thought maybe I was just seeing things or hearing things. This passed January, around the 20th, just after midnight, I remember I was going to bed in my room as normal. I laid down to rest and fell asleep, but as I was lying there, I heard my doorknob being wiggled silently! I just turned over in my bed and ignored it, but then I started hearing footsteps in my room! I was listening and thinking Who in the hell is in my room? At that point I was getting really scared and so I laid there as quiet as I could. Then I felt a deep heaviness in my body, as if I was sinking in my bed kind-of-feeling. The pressure was so heavy. I couldn't move. I wanted to speak, but couldn't! After two minutes of this, I was finally able to move. That's when I went to my sister's room and told her what had happened. I fell asleep with her in her room.

Weeks later, I was always hearing things as I went to bed. They would only happen after 12 AM, though, and more then ever when it's around 1-3 AM. I would sometimes hear the footsteps in my room, then I started hearing a murmur of a child's voice — mumblings that I couldn't understand. When it had happened I was on the phone with my boyfriend (we fall asleep on the phone) and I told him what happened. I've only heard the mumblings two times… but it gets even weirder… One day (in late January), as I was backing up in my car in the middle of the day, right when I turned to look back, in the corner of my eye, I saw a little boy with blue shorts, white shirt, and blonde hair! His figure was almost whitish like fogginess was around him. I guess they would call that an aura? But I looked in front of me again, and it was gone. Since that time the footsteps were starting to not be as often. Then, for the longest time I hadn't heard anything. I thought maybe it was always for good. Well 3 nights ago, I remember lying in my bed and my eyes were closed. I was almost asleep — it must have been 1:30 or so. I opened my eyes and in front of me there was this floating, glowing (I mean glowing in the dark, glow) figure! I was asking it to leave if it wasn't of the Lord. The floating glowing figure was just floating there in front of my bed! It looked like a grown man in a top hat was looking back at me! I then turned on the lamp. That's when it was gone. I left the light on the whole night, and I feel asleep fine. I never believed in ghosts or demons before, but ever since theses things have happened to me, I looked for some sort of answer by researching my road, and figured out that the river that's right next to my road is haunted, as well the that road, Channel Road. I've come to figure out that something maybe from the road or the dirt I live on is haunted. It maybe what is bothering me at night. I've been the only one in my house to see or hear theses things. But I know something ghostly is going on.

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