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Witness: Alexandra Antis
Location: Billings, Montana
Date of Encounter: 1992 – 1996

My parents and I moved in with my grandparents in 1992 at the beginning of my second grade year. My mother was going to college full time, both of my parents worked, and my grandparents wanted to help out. My bedroom was in the basement, which I know can be a naturally creepy place to begin with. I want to start out by saying that my grandparents bought the house new in the 60s when my mother was little. Both my uncle and my mother occupied my room at different times when they were growing up, and neither of them experienced anything. From the time I moved in I started to hear voices and see things. The voices started out gradual and it was always a woman's voice. I would hear it call out my name in the middle of the night. My grandparents have a set of mirrors along the wall outside of my room. After I had lived there for a year I started to see horrible faces in the mirror when I would be walking to the stairs. The faces looked like a rotting corpse with an evil smile on its face — keep in mind I am only 9 years old at this point. After that, whatever was there started to get more aggressive. I started to hear footsteps walking down the stairs and around the basement. I was lying in bed and I would hear walking and then a section of the bedspread went down like someone was sitting there. I tried to talk to my grandma and mom, but they thought I was just making it up or that I was dreaming. About two years into living there, objects started to move in my room. I started keeping a diary and I would leave it closed on the desk for dinner and come down and it would be open on the bed, and everyone had been upstairs the whole time. There was one night when I was lying in bed and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I couldn't breath. I finally managed to get upstairs and I slept in my grandma's office the rest of the night. My grandma kept telling me that no one had died, so the house couldn't be haunted. I became so scared my hair started to turn white. When I was 10, I developed a large white streak on the side of my hair — my grandma noticed it, but couldn't explain it. I was haunted for five years until we moved in 1996. I have no idea what it was all I now is that I was living in fear for a long time, and it was hard because I was so little and I didn't fully understand what was happening to me. I have had experiences since, but nothing that compares to this, the fear was indescribable.

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