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Ghost Science by Vince WilsonGhost Science
By Vince Wilson
Publisher: Whitechapel Productions (May 2006)
Pages: 108 – Price: $12.95 author interview

Vince Wilson is the founder of the Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition, a regular lecturer on the subject of supernatural research. Ghost Science is Wilson’s second book focusing on the most technical aspects of ghost hunting. 

How long have ghosts been around?

Since the dawn of man. Representations of what many scientists believe are ghosts or spirits have been found on cave walls in France and other parts of the world. In the ancient Babylonian hero epic Gilgamesh, there is story of the hero’s encounters with the ghost of a dead friend. That takes place over five thousand years ago! 

Do you think we are getting any closer to agreed-upon standards on how to investigate ghosts?

Yes. Readers should check out 2007’s Ghost World Conference to see how far we are coming along. Go to

In many regards, supernatural claims require a degree of faith on the part of the witness and those who believe the witness. Is it possible to measure something as arbitrary as faith?

How many court cases are decided on faith? If I tell the police that you stole my wallet and you have no alibi, you are going to jail. What’s the difference?

In your first book, Ghost Tech, you explored the equipment used to investigate ghosts. How does Ghost Science build off of your first book?

In Ghost Tech I explain why we use ghost-hunting gadgets like EMF meters and digital cameras. In Ghost Science I am trying to show the skeptics that there is science in ghost-hunting.

Do you think the field of Quantum Physics is going to lay to rest some of our ideas about what ghost sightings really are?

Perhaps. Someone once said that anyone who does not think that Quantum Theory is strange does not understand it. Some of Quantum Theory’s more bizarre aspects may one day explain some of the stranger aspects of hauntings.

Where is ghost hunting going in the coming years?

You said so yourself, Jeff… People are asking more intelligent and thought-provoking questions at meetings and conferences. Science is really catching on with the mainstream ghost-hunting community. 

Whether we have a future will depend on if we can start sharing information in a standardized way.

In Ghost Science you speak with some of the well-known pros like Loyd Auerbach, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Troy Taylor, Ursula Bielski, and George Hanson. Did you find some agreement among these authors as to what this phenomenon is?

Yes. They all believe in ghosts.

What’s your favorite junk food?

A tie between Wendy’s cheeseburgers and KFC.

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