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Witness: Nysa
Location: Oregon
Date of Encounter: my entire life

My family frequently seems to "attract" ghosts or spirits. In my childhood home where I lived until I was five years old, my brother frequently witnessed a young girl, looking about twelve years old, standing outside my bedroom door until I turned three years of age. Then she began standing outside the room my two brothers shared. We named her Emily.

In the house I lived in for 7 years after that, there was Joey. He lived in my mother's office in the basement, where, when you turned out the lights, there was glowing text on the wall that said "Joey." He frequently followed me around when I was downstairs, and I avoided taking showers because he was a rather perverted being, and I could often feel him watching me when I was showering. That's why I'm assuming he's male.

Whenever I was home alone, he'd come upstairs and wander the living room and hallway beyond my bedroom door. The dogs reacted to him for the first few years he did this, but eventually calmed down and got used to him. Whenever we bought a new cat or dog and brought them to the home, they'd noticeably react to Joey when I was home alone, and would take a while to get used to him.

Then, there was a young boy spirit at my elementary school. He loved playing tricks on people. For a week, I frequently had accidents because of him. Once, he pushed a desk into my hip, tripping me while I was walking out of the cafeteria (spilling my lunch over the floor), another time he pushed open a door right in my face (no one was in the room, and I was alone in the hallway), and on another occasion, he dropped a few books on my head when I was walking through the library after school hours. 

The next week after that, he began to leave me alone and began bugging a friend of mine. A week after that, he moved on. Several people I went to elementary school with spent a week with him. 

When I was 11 – 12 years old, my dad started his own business that first began in a warehouse. My brother and his fiancée worked for my father, and had their office in the only closed room upstairs. There was a small closet in the room with a gaping hole in the floor where, later, my sister and I caught a picture of a blue glow coming up into the room when the lights were out. 

Outside the office was a wide room with a rather dangerous looking floor, where a lot of empty boxes were kept. In the part of the room closer to the office, there was a large stain on the floor that we never identified because we never had enough light.

Two ghosts lived here. We named the one upstairs Edgar, and the one downstairs Matthew. Edgar eventually scared my brother and sister out of their office upstairs because they often heard him knocking on the office door or, when they were downstairs, they heard him walking around downstairs. I heard him as well one day when I was at the warehouse with them, and once he spoke out loud next to my brother when he was cleaning the office. 

When we were leaving the first day I heard him (the same day my sister and I caught the picture of the blue glow), my brother had to go back into the warehouse after forgetting his book. When he walked toward the back of the warehouse, he heard two people talking. One he recognized as Edgar, who at one point mentioned the name "Matthew." We then decided that the ghost downstairs, who often moved things, made shuffling sounds in the room at the end of the staircase leading up to Edgar's area, and played with the radio, was named Matthew.

Eventually, my dad moved his business to a small house-like building on the side of a highway. There were three ghosts living here. One lived in the basement. When no one was down there, we'd hear someone in the basement walking around through the heating vent in the bathroom. When people were walking up the staircase, we'd feel him following us upstairs. He never followed us all the way upstairs, but he still scared my sister and me enough that, if no one else was in the basement, we'd run up the staircase as soon as we felt him following us. He's never done any harm though.

A second spirit lived in a room on the top level where my brother's friend lived. This one wasn't the nicest to my brother's friend, or my brother and sister for that matter. We never decided whether this spirit was a girl or boy, but they were particularly kind to me. They were known to go around the house and make things disappear for several weeks, and then return them to the exact same place later. 

When I was cleaning out the room they lived in after my brother's friend had moved out, coins kept appearing everywhere on the floor, even in places I had already picked up and swept. They eventually gave me near to $15 worth of coins.

The last ghost living there lived in a room right behind my brother and sister's room. Their mattress filled the room, so the door could not be opened without the mattress being moved. Frequently, the ghost would try opening the door when my sister was in her bedroom. Once, my sister had a dream in which her hands were nailed to the wall of the back room, and she could see a gaping hole in the floor, and there was a young girl bleeding to death on the floor.
Underneath the floor boards where the gaping hole had been, they found a knife, some blood, nails, a hammer with what they are assuming was rust on the end, and rope. 

There was a dark stain on the floor where the girl had been, and where my sister had been nailed to the wall in her dream, we found two nails protruding from the wall. Nowhere else in the room was there nails sticking out of the wall. They also, one night, found the nazi symbol drawn on the inside of the window in that room on the inside. It had not been there the first night they entered that room.

Personally, I believe that the dream was a memory the spirit had shown to my sister. But I can't tell. I've heard loud banging coming from that room, followed by footsteps, and soft murmuring voices. 

These are not the only encounters we have had. The first time my dad encountered who I believe was Joey, was when my dad watched a shadow shoot across the floor of his bedroom when no one else was in the room, and nothing was moving. There was nothing to cause the shadow.

Joey once played with a radio alarm clock in my dad's office downstairs. My parents had gone to bed one night, when in the next room, they heard the radio turn on. My dad went and turned off the radio. The switch was a sliding switch, and my dad had pressed it into the off position.

Several minutes later after my dad went back to bed, they heard it turn on again. The switch had been physically moved by something to the on position. With how fast my dad got into the room, if someone had been downstairs and turned it on, he would have caught them. There was nowhere to hide in the room.

He unplugged it and went back to bed. Half an hour later, they heard it turn on again. My dad took it upstairs and set it on the kitchen counter, and watched it. It had turned off coming up the stairs, despite that it was plugged off, and didn't turn on for the half hour that my dad watched it.

He went back to bed, and fell asleep, leaving it upstairs. Around 1:00 AM, an hour later, they heard the music playing again from the radio. Someone had moved it downstairs again, and right back to where it had been before.
My dad threw it into the garage where they couldn't hear it. 

When I was 13, I didn't sleep well, and frequently had my door wide open when I was trying to sleep at night. I was watch down the hallway and wait to fall asleep.

On more than one occasion, I witnessed dark, translucent figures walking into the bathroom down the hall and vanish. I could clearly see the corner of the wall behind them as they passed. On two occasions, I went and looked into the bathroom and saw no one. 

It seems that ghosts are drawn to my family. And, half the time, it seems like ghosts really like me.

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