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Author Vince Wilson Introduces The Mysterious Maryland Tour Company
Baltimore, Maryland — Baltimore is the birthplace of Babe Ruth, the "Star Spangled Banner," and where Edgar Allen Poe died and was buried. With all the history, battles, and occasional citywide fires (i.e., The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904) you would think there would be an unusual amount of ghostly activity here in Charm City — and you would be right. 

Author Vince Wilson has announced the launch of The Mysterious Maryland Tour Company. "I’ll be guiding Baltimore’s supernatural tourists through some of the most notoriously historically haunted places in the city," Wilson said.

The Mysterious Maryland Tour Company stops will include:
– Fells Point: a place where the very streets are haunted, not to mention the over 100 pubs in the area. 
– Westminster Hall and Burial Grounds: Mysterious Maryland has exclusive access to Edgar Allan Poe’s final resting place. "We’ll take those brave enough into the catacombs," Wilson said. "This tour combines history, hauntings, and real ghost hunting for a tour our guests will never forget!" 

Each tour will offer an investigation of the final resting place of the true master of horror and suspense, Edgar Allan Poe. View Poe’s grave and hear the legendary true tale of the Poe Toaster. Learn the theories behind why the burial grounds are haunted as you hear the tale of Frank the Body-Snatcher. Then, learn the tricks and trade of modern day ghost hunters.

For more information, pricing, and schedules, visit: 

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