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NEW BEDFORD, MA – Strange Escapes, a boutique paranormal event company founded
by Amy Bruni of the SyFy network show, Ghost Hunters, has announced a new series of
instructive workshops.

The workshops, entitled “Strange Education”, will be hosted twice a month at the home
office of Strange Escapes, located in the historic Edward Haskell House on Union Street
in New Bedford. Topics will range from the basics of paranormal investigation, to more
specific subjects, like the history of spiritualism, how to conduct EVP (Electronic Voice
Phenomenon) sessions, an explanation of ghost photography and more. Each
workshop will end with an exclusive paranormal investigation of the Edward Haskell
house, led by Bruni and other guest lecturers.

“I started Strange Escapes because I love traveling and I love ghosts. When we
expanded into an office, I was surprised to learn that the building we’re in is reportedly
very haunted. The original owner shot himself in the home, and his apparition has
been spotted many times over the years.” Bruni added, “It dawned on me it was the
perfect place to share a bit about what we do in the paranormal.”

Built in 1868, the Edward Haskell house is one of many stunning Victorian era homes
in downtown New Bedford. Built by the prosperous and respected, Edward Haskell, the
antique, ornate details in the home are hard to miss and the grounds of the property
once contained an aviary, a greenhouse, stables and gardens.

“I’m really hoping to attract some out-of-town visitors as well. New Bedford is so
historic, beautiful and — apparently — haunted.” Bruni said.

The first installment of Strange Education will be hosted by Bruni on March 6th and will
cover the basics of paranormal investigation. Later installments will feature guest
lecturers such as Adam Berry, also of Ghost Hunters, and authors Jeff Belanger and
Michael Markowicz.

To sign up or learn more about these informative workshops, please visit:

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  1. Sounds like your new venture has a great opportunity to set up 24-7 surveillance in its haunted home, and catch lots of evidence of the paranormal!

  2. This looks really spooky. I told my grandchildren about it and they were very frightened. My oldest granddaughter said “ssssspppoooooooooooookkyyyyyyyyyyy” Keep up the good work.

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