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Witness: Wendi Brown
Location: Portland, Oregon
Date of Encounter: January 1, 1983

My ex, my two-year-old son, and myself moved into a house in southeast Portland. My son instantly started not wanting to go in the house. I would pick him up from the babysitter and he would freak out in the car and not want to go in the house with “The mean man,” he called it. I had a new kitten and one night as I was cooking dinner I saw the kitten hovering over my hot boiling pot on the stove! I screamed and it feel to the ground and ran. My water faucets would turn on high and very hot, and when I would shut one off, all the faucets would go.

I had a pregnant friend spend the night and babysit, and when we got home she yelled at me for letting her stay in a house with a demon. She said it wanted her baby?! I had other things happen and my ex didn’t believe it until one Sunday morning he was in bed and the bedroom door opened and the cat was thrown on his chest, then it jumped off and the door slammed shut. That’s when we decided to move. The strangest part was years later I had a friend who stayed in that house with the woman who was renting it and she would get Post-it notes and give notes to this spirit. She liked the thing and my friend was scared of it and moved. I believe it was a stuck ghost and a mad one that learned how to be noticed.

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