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Baltimore, Maryland — The International Fortean Organization (INFO) will be holding FortFest ’08, its 47th conference on anomalous phenomena at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland March 29-30, 2008. Speakers include:

Budd Hopkins with a startling all-new talk on “The UFO Abduction Phenomenon and the new Paradigm”. Budd is an award-winning (Guggenheim fellowship) painter with pieces in major museums including the Guggenheim and the Whitney and the author of Missing Time, Intruders and Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility & Transgenic Beings.

Linda Godfrey, a teacher and journalist, author of Weird Wisconsin, on her compelling books An American Werewolf and The Beast of Bray Road, chilling true life stories from the dark corner of cryptozoology!

Orion Foxwood, Elder in Romano-Celtic Traditional Craft, primary founder of the Alliance of the Old Religion, is an Elder teacher of the Faery Seership Tradition. Orion is the author of The Faery Teachings and will talk on his upcoming book (Samuel Weiser) The Tree of Enchantment, Ancient Lore and Practices of the Faery Tradition.

Phyllis Benjamin, journalist, producer/artist/poet, President of the International Fortean Organization (INFO) and Chair of over twenty years of FortFest, FortNite, FortScape Conferences and FortFest Seminars at Sea on “Synchronicity or Supernatural, Another Miracle on 34th Street?”

George Haas with an all-new exo-archaeology talk on the fascinating link between the sculptures of pre-Columbian Meso-America and Mesopotamia with a set of corresponding structures found in the Cydonia region of Mars. George is a sculptor and the author of the Cydonia Codex, Reflections from Mars. Was there life on Mars?

Dr. Bob Hieronimus, charismatic talk radio host of 21st Century Radio, author of Founding Fathers, Secret Societies: Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians and the Decoding of the Great Seal on “In Goddesses We Trust” from his latest book on religion and hidden symbology in America. He will be signing his latest book United Symbolism of America: Meanings in America’s Most Familiar Art, Architecture and Logos (New Page Books, March 2008).

Dr. Peter Westbrook, historian of sacred science, author Divine Harmony: Life and Teachings of Pythagoras with a talk and a segment of his documentary Perennial Philosophy for Spaceship Earth featuring an interview with Huston Smith, renown author of Religions of the World, and his experience with Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism plus Smith’s work with Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and entheogenic plants within a shamanic tradition.

William Fellows, NOAA quantum physicist, New Look at Madam Blavatsky and Theosophical Science.

Barbara Lane, Ph.d., hypnotherapist, on “Jesus’ Past Lives According to Edgar Cayce” and a regression “Divine drama: the lives of a Master and your own role in the spiritual history of the Earth through time travel.”

Dave Drake, author of over 110 best-selling SciFi books, on “Science Fiction and Fiction’s Debt to Charles Fort.”

Phyllis Benjamin on “Is the Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir?”

Jim Grapek, filmmaker from Associated Producers, with Zeitgeist, and a film challenging belief systems.

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