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Large Cable Network is looking to find individuals with incredible, paranormal stories that they are willing to share on camera. If you live in or around New York, Los Angeles, or Pennsylvania, the producers want to hear from you.

Do you have unexplained, strange experiences that have happened to you? Encounters with ghosts, beings, or entities? We are looking for you to share your experiences.

Please be detailed. The producers are looking for good details not only about what was happening, but how you were feeling: e.g. my blood ran cold, it was really weird, I couldn’t explain it, I had chills, it suddenly went very dark, I wanted to scream but couldn’t, my dog was barking, I felt an icy hand on my shoulder, I saw the face of a little girl, etc.

If you are interested, please submit your story immediately to this posting along with your city and state, a photo of yourself, and your phone number. All stories need to be in by October 20th. However, please submit promptly for immediate consideration.

If your story is selected, we will contact you for an interview and if chosen to be on the series, there will be fee paid to people chosen to share their story.

Pease send an email to

Any questions, please call 323-663-8684

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