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PARSIPPANY, New Jersey — The New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society will celebrate its growth to 500 members on Saturday, November 17. L’Aura Hladik, Founder & Director, along with the Team Leaders, Gregory & Sherry Irish, Laura Lindemann, and Dina Chirico will host the event to mark the NJGHS as the largest, non-profit, paranormal investigating organization in the state of New Jersey.

“This growth is significant because although the NJGHS was founded in 1998, we suffered a major setback in 2003 with the loss of our entire database. I basically had to start the organization, the membership, the Web site — you name it — from scratch,” Hladik explains.

The NJGHS 500 party will have live music by The Johnny Peso band. Three of the five members of this band are also members of the NJGHS. In fact, they met at a monthly NJGHS meeting and became friends and later on formed “Johnny Peso” as a spoof for one of their parties. However, their unique sound of rock songs set to the string picking sounds of the banjo really caught on.

This celebration is open to NJGHS members and non-members alike and will be held at the Sparta Ambulance Squad Building in Sparta, NJ from 7:00-11:00 PM. To register to attend, visit the NJGHS web site at or call 908-325-0140. Deadline to register is November 10.

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