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Louisville, Kentucky–The paranormal has its landmarks. May 10-13, Darkness Radio brings guests inside one of the most recognizable haunted locations in the country, Waverley Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Dave Schrader, paranormal investigator and host of the popular Darkness on the Edge of Town, has opened up the former hospital for four days of investigating and paranormal workshops designed to educate people on ghosts and lead them into a place where they may come face to face with one.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has been featured on Ghost Hunters and other paranormal programming and stands as one of the Mecca’s for investigators across the country. The tragedies that happened there are well documented, and proof of some the former resident’s tragic afterlife are become just as well known. Investigations consistently point to there being something trapped in the corridors and empty rooms, and some of the best evidence has been captured by people attending events and tours.

Some of the biggest names in the paranormal world are signed on to speak and give their opinions on one of the most cursed buildings in America. Speakers will include Chris Fleming of Dead Famous and Unknown Magazine, Jeff Belanger of Ghostvillage and the Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, Patrick Burns of Haunting Evidence, and EVP experts Mark and Debby Constantino. Bill Chappell and Stacey Jones will also be leading classes. When the night falls, the conference becomes a investigation as these trained professionals lead you through the halls of the hospital and help you evaluate the evidence afterwards.

Darkness events are also offering three ways to experience Waverley Hills to fit with any budget. For more information about the event and to schedule an interview with Dave Schrader contact Dave at (612) 388-3283 or e-mail him at You can also visit Darkness Radio’s events page to see the full list of speakers and topics at

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