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WWII Ghosts: Artifacts Can Talk by Richard J. KimmelWWII Ghosts: Artifacts Can Talk
By Richard J. Kimmel
Publisher: Schiffer (March 2009)
Pages: 192 – Price: $14.99 Author Interview

Richard Kimmel has been collecting World War II memorabilia for several decades, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he discovered some of his many items seemed to have something attached to them. Through working with a pendulum and several psychics, he claims to have identified the origin and locations where the items came from. The idea is called psychometry, and he’s applied it to his vast collection. In his new book, WWII Ghosts, Kimmel takes readers through his collection with photographs and descriptions as well as the accounts of the psychics he worked with. caught up with Richard to ask him about his work.

When did you first start collecting World War II memorabilia?

Richard Kimmel: I actually began with collecting the wartime postal issues back in the middle 1940’s. Then, as the neighborhood G.I’s began returning home from WWII, I was fortunate, as many of the neighborhood kids were, to be given a few souvenirs; war booty as I recall them calling it. I still have one of the items.

What made you think that there might be something spiritual attached to these objects?

As I progressed with collecting these wartime artifacts, after a span of about ten years had passed, I began to attend some of the military collecting shows. I recall that early on, even back as far as the middle 1940’s, when I held some of these artifacts I had strange, unexplainable (at the time), feelings. Not relating any connection to the paranormal until after I had my cardiac surgery in 2004, new experiences began to open to me.

Have you practiced psychometry on other objects in the past?

In the past, no. However, when my daughter, Karen founded the New Jersey Ghost Organization, which I am a member, I began to use psychometry in conjunction with our investigations.

Do you believe all objects might hold some imprint of its owner or the place where it came from?

I have discovered that not all objects have energy coming from them. From my experience in working with artifacts, I more often than not connect with energy from those having been ground-dug in wartime areas, but not confined to those areas as artifacts in general may have a connection to its past or original owner. This depends on how strong their feelings were to the item. One must also consider residual energy which can play an important part in being able to present a past event. In my researching an artifact this is very important, as both an interactive or a residual connection can present unknown facts that may be connected to the past, the original owner, or circumstances surrounding the artifact.

You call your work “paranormal archeology.” What do you think we can learn from this practice?

Much can be learned from these artifacts, even to the extent of possibly changing history, simply because through residual psychic visions and first-hand information from the spirit who may be connected to the artifact, you can get a clearer picture of what may have ensued during a specific wartime battle that has not been presented by the historians of the time.

What is your favorite piece in your collection, and what readings have you gleaned from that piece?

To answer this question I’m going to refer to Chapter Thirty-One in my book “The Mystery of the Walking Stick,” having a profound connection to Adolf Hitler.

How do you use psychics in your work?

When I first discover that an artifact has energy connected to it, using my pendulum, I will ask one or several of my psychics, mostly renowned psychic, Jane Doherty, for an evaluation. I will never disclose any facts, other than what may be visually apparent, to the psychic. I’m told information confirming what I already know of the artifact and, more importantly, information that was not previously known. When I continue researching the artifact, I usually find that the previously unknown information proves to be factual.

What future projects are your working on?

I am currently under contract from Schiffer Publishing for a second book, a bit different from this one as it is not about artifacts but is about haunted locations in New Jersey. The book will include many of the major investigations, including a few of the historical locations, of my daughter’s group along with the startling paranormal discoveries gleaned from them.

What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?

Artifact wise, just this past week in time for my birthday on April 29th. A Cross of the German Mother that had been ground-dug, discovered just below the surface in a wooded area in Bavaria by a friend of mine in Munich, Germany. This happens to be the golden version that was presented to German mothers who had given birth to their eighth child. There were two other versions of this award, one silver for six children, and one bronze for four children.

Should you be interested, the following is the story connected to this award:

“Mother’s Cross” and Maria Cult

Hitler said that women’s bodies belonged to the German people, while the Church averred that they were the property of the Holy Ghost. But this difference was theoretical: in practice, both meant that her body didn’t belong to her and could be used to produce the maximum number of soldiers and/or Catholics.

This is a “Cross of Honour of the German Mother,” generally known as a “Mother’s cross,” a fertility award in line with the policies of both the Nazis and the Church. It was intended as the feminine version of the iron cross for soldiers. The Nazis wanted more soldiers, the Church, more Catholics: here they were natural allies.

The awards for fecundity followed the Olympic model: bronze for four children, silver for six, and gold for eight. The children all had to be born alive, to be “genetically healthy” and of “German blood.” And if the mother ever behaved in a way which was “not in conformity with her race” she could be stripped of the award.

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