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Witness: Suffin Lee
Location: Singapore
Date of Encounter: 1987

It was raining heavily that night, I was on my way back from the night class. I boarded a double-decker bus. Thinking that it might be more quite to take a nap upstairs, I took a seat on the center of the bus in the upper part. The bus takes 30 minutes to reach the terminal, which was near where I stayed. I closed my eyes thinking of taking a short nap. After about 10 minutes, I heard a boy talking to his mother. I was sure that I was the only passenger aboard that bus. Then the little boy was speaking in a very different language from which I could hardly understand. Looking at his mom, half of her face was covered by her long hair, so I didn't really had a chance to see her face. When I closed my eyes once again, I felt like the boy was sitting beside me and was whispering in my ear. I opened my eyes again and he was at his seat and pointing at me laughing loudly. I felt eerie. Then suddenly I felt a gust of cold wind blow past me, followed by a sound of a girl in a low pitch talking to her boyfriend behind me. I turned my head and at the same time the rain and thunder outside the window sounded heavy and loud. I could hardly hear what they were saying. I remember I was the only one on the upper decker when I boarded, and I closed my eye less than 10 minutes. Why were there four others on the bus? I did not doze off and I am sure the bus did not stop.

This time, I told myself I need to keep my eyes open. I was worried if I closed my eyes again, another two people might appear. The rain was heavy and the night was quiet, so therefore the bus driver did not stop at most of the bus stops. There were three more bus stops to go. I walked down from the upper deck and stood near the driver seat. The driver said, " What a lonely night, you are my only passenger." I said, "I beg your pardon?" There are some other foreign passenger on the upper deck. The driver did not answer me. Then suddenly the bus skidded and crashed on to the tree. I knocked against the metal pole in front of me, and fainted. When I opened my eyes, I was still sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus. It was still raining heavily, I thought I had a dream, but my head was swollen. How can that be?

When I turned my head to the left, a fat man was sitting at the first seat, a lady and a boy was sitting right beside me. The lady's hair covered half of her face, which I cannot see clearly, and a boy and a girl were hugging each other behind my seat. I shivered and stood up. The little boy said,"Are you leaving, our bus is not here yet?" I did not turn my head. I waved to the coming by taxi and quickly got inside. When I entered the taxi, driver said, "What a lonely night, you are my only passenger." I was shocked to hear this twice, and felt uneasy. I quickly alighted from the taxi and entered a night coffee shop, took out my mobile phone, and called for my dad. Then the waiter came near me and asked for my order. I ordered two cup of coffee thinking my dad would be here soon. Then I heard the waitress whispering to another. This lady is ordering a coffee for that little boy also. I turned my head and looked at them, giving me a weird look, the other waitress walked near me and asked, "Are you going to ask your boy to come in, or let him stand outside my door?" I just ignored her, pretending I did not hear what she said and hoped that my father would be here soon. After the coffee was served, I saw my father enter and I felt safe. On the way home, I saw the taxi that I just alighted was in the accident, it was badly crashed against the tree. And there stood a fat man, a couple, and a mother holding a boy staring at the taxi, and the nurses were busy carrying the injured man into the ambulance. Lucky I was not in that taxi. The little boy turned his head, stared at me pointing and laughing. When I reached home I was sick for almost a week. My mum brought me to a medium, and the medium sent me and my mum to that bus stop to do some spirit chanting and offering. After that I slowly recovered from the fever the previous night.

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